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Bretagne, France (Brittany)
2023 - Brittany has something for everyone. Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Bretagne:

Mont Saint-Michel: While technically in Normandy, this iconic island commune is easily accessible from Brittany and is a must-visit. Explore the medieval abbey, wander through the charming village, and witness the incredible tides that surround the island.

Stroll the Old Town of Dinan: This picturesque town is renowned for its well-preserved medieval architecture. Walk along the cobblestone streets, visit the Château de Dinan, and take in the panoramic views from the Jerzual Viaduct.

Beach Hopping: Brittany boasts a rugged coastline with numerous beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular ones include Plage de l'Éventail in Dinard, Plage de Port-Blanc in Penvenan, and the Pink Granite Coast's Ploumanac'h.

Quimper: Explore the charming town of Quimper, known for its beautiful medieval quarter and the stunning Saint-Corentin Cathedral. Don't forget to visit the Faience Museum to see the region's famous pottery.

Morbihan Gulf: Discover the beauty of the Morbihan Gulf by taking a boat trip to explore its many islands, including Île-aux-Moines and Île-d'Arz. The Gulf is known for its calm waters and unique landscapes.

Carnac: Visit the mysterious standing stones of Carnac. These ancient megaliths date back to prehistoric times and are a fascinating sight to behold.

Pont-Aven: Explore the picturesque town of Pont-Aven, famous for its association with the artist Paul Gauguin. Visit the Gauguin Museum and enjoy the scenic walks along the Aven River.

Rennes: Brittany's capital city offers a blend of history and modernity. Explore the historic center with its timber-framed houses, visit the Parlement de Bretagne, and enjoy the vibrant food scene.

Océanopolis: Located in Brest, this marine science center is a fantastic place for families. It features a variety of marine ecosystems and creatures, making it an educational and entertaining experience.

Try Galettes and Crêpes: Brittany is renowned for its delicious savory galettes and sweet crêpes. Be sure to try both while you're in the region, and don't forget the local cider to accompany your meal.

La Roche-Bernard: This charming village is situated along the Vilaine River. Explore its medieval streets, visit the marina, and enjoy a meal at one of the riverside restaurants.

Hiking and Cycling: Brittany offers numerous hiking and cycling trails that take you through its lush landscapes. The Nantes-Brest Canal and the GR34 coastal path are popular options.

Vannes: Visit the historic town of Vannes, surrounded by impressive ramparts. Explore the old town's cobblestone streets, visit the Vannes Cathedral, and relax by the harbor.

Locronan: Step back in time in this well-preserved medieval village. Its charming square and picturesque streets have made it a popular filming location for period movies.

Explore Belle-Île-en-Mer: This beautiful island off the coast of Brittany is known for its rugged coastline, stunning beaches, and quaint villages. It's a great place for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Festivals and Events: Check the local event calendar for festivals celebrating Breton culture. The Festival Interceltique de Lorient is one of the largest, showcasing Celtic music and traditions.

Brest Castle: Explore the historic Brest Castle, which houses the National Navy Museum. Learn about the maritime history of the region and enjoy panoramic views from the tower.

Pointe du Raz: Visit this dramatic headland on the western tip of Brittany. The views of the rugged cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean are truly breathtaking.

Josselin Castle: Explore the medieval Josselin Castle with its stunning Gothic architecture. The town of Josselin is also worth a visit for its charming atmosphere.

Cancale: Known as the oyster capital of Brittany, Cancale is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood. Take a stroll along the harbor and savor some of the best oysters in France.

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Bretagne, France (Brittany)

Bretagne, France (Brittany)

Bretagne, France (Brittany)

Bretagne, France (Brittany)