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About Us


Greetings! My name is Rebecca, and I warmly welcome you to our story.

This is a loving tribute to my grandmother, the person who got me started on my family history journey.

My interest in family history has its roots in my early childhood. My grandmother ("Gram") often mentioned to me that I am "German, English, Slavic, Irish and French." It seemed important to her that I know that. The German side of her family came from a mysterious place called "Prussia." Prussia might as well have been Atlantis because there is nothing more fascinating than coming from a place that no longer exists. For years, I wondered about Prussia. I never knew much about it, and I never forgot it.

Sad Day - In 1981, I was taking a college class, Finance 101. Dad came into the classroom. I knew that meant something horrible had happened. Gram was in intensive care. We went to the hospital. I watched while she appeared to be sleeping, struggling with each breath. Her breathing sounded so very wrong to me. I knew she was not going to recover. I held her hand as she managed to whisper a few words to me. She told me that when she got out of the hospital she was going to show me how the hospital served cottage cheese with fruit and that I would really like that. I guess that was her way of saying goodbye. She died a few hours later. I never did try the cottage cheese/fruit combination.

There was no traditional funeral, no gravestone to visit. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered, the location a secret. That was what she wanted. Her body was donated to science. I often wondered if I would ever encounter someone wearing her eyes.

Gram passed away at the age of 69, after many years of suffering with a heart condition, kidney condition, and a wide assortment of other ailments related to it. She left behind many people with holes in their hearts, and she took with her all the "secrets" of the family passed on before her. Some of these secrets, she had been more than willing to share (if we were willing to listen); others, were far too difficult to ever mention.

Years passed and I married and began raising a family of my own. In the back of my mind, I never forgot what Gram had said about Prussia. There was always a curiosity about it. So it began, in the year 1999 - the search for my family history!

Our Website

Experts say to begin with what you know and work backward through time. I feel fortunate to have known all four of my grandparents and two of my great-grandparents. Unfortunately, it was too late to ask them all the questions that now came to mind. I didn't know much about genealogy, but I knew quite a bit about computers. I didn't want to get hooked into a monthly subscription to a genealogy web site, feeling strongly that history should be free because it belongs to all of us. I tried using software packages, but felt restricted by them. So, I created my own web site to publish my family history. I began tracing Gram's line, starting with her Dad, in hopes of finding those Prussians I had heard about long ago.

Our YouTube Channel and Blog

The website's success led to the creation of a YouTube channel Greenerpasture Time Travel Adventures and a blog Vintage Chronicles and Ancestral Tales. These platforms became avenues for sharing family history and connecting with individuals who shared similar passions. The stories and connections formed along this journey have enriched my life beyond measure.

Our Store

To further share my love for genealogy, I ventured into creating a shop Greenerpasture Genealogy Gifts filled with heart-warming and unique, genealogy-related products. This endeavor has not only been enjoyable but has also allowed me to acquire new skills and share genealogy with a broader audience. With the support of friends, the store is now a reality, offering a variety of products that celebrate the past and make great gifts for fellow family history enthusiasts.

Embark on a journey through time with our unique collection of genealogy-related items. Our products are designed to reconnect you with the past, featuring designs inspired by old postcards from the places your ancestors lived, worked, and thrived. We hope you enjoy our products and look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering any questions you may have.

The "FAMILY" Team - You're Invited!

Throughout this journey, I have had the privilege of meeting incredible individuals, each bringing their expertise, life experiences, and love for genealogy. These contributions have not only enhanced the website but have also made our family history more complete. We offer this site for FREE, hoping that you will join us and contribute to our collective effort to preserve history. We firmly believe that HISTORY BELONGS TO ALL OF US.

Allow me to introduce some key contributors:


I met Gail on in 2008. Our shared ancestor, Rosalie, immigrated from Prussia to the U.S. in 1853. Together, we unraveled many family mysteries and even co-authored a book.


In 2008, Micheline, now in her 90s and living in New Brunswick, reached out after discovering my website. Our research revealed a common ancestor born in the 1600s. Micheline's meticulous research and fluency in French greatly enriched our family tree.

Jenn, Fred, Susan, Diane

These cousins have been invaluable in piecing together our family history. Their passion and willingness to collaborate have been instrumental in solving many puzzles.


We might not have met you yet, but we welcome your contributions and would love to hear from you!

Why Trust Us?

We don't ask for blind trust; instead, we invite you to join us in our research! The team is committed to accuracy and transparency. If you find errors on our site, please let us know so we can correct them. Our goal is to tell our collective story accurately, believing that we are all part of one big family. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Professional Bio

With over 25 years of experience collaborating with a dedicated team to research ancestors and deliver high-quality, free content to our community, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field of genealogy. My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration/Management Information Systems from Nichols College and a Master's Degree in Education from Anna Maria College.

In addition to my extensive research experience, I have also spent 40 years as a Software Engineer, further enhancing my analytical and problem-solving skills. I have shared my passion for research and technology by teaching Internet Research for 2 years.

Throughout my career, I have worked closely with teams comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment of collaboration and inclusivity. I am committed to producing thorough and accurate genealogy research, and I look forward to continuing this journey of discovery with you.

Proudest Moments in Genealogy

Documenting eight generations of family history on my father's side and producing a book with my cousin, Gail: "Forever Cousins: Eight Generations of the Theinert Family"

Using DNA to solve a long-time family mystery regarding my husband's great-grandmother, which involved a secret adoption

Researching and narrating the story of a young woman murdered in Lewiston, Maine, in 1900, now documented in the book "Androscoggin's Secret"

Answering genealogy questions and assisting others in breaking through their own family history barriers

Meeting my grandfather's 93-year-old first cousin online and later in person

Meeting my grandmother's first cousin in Florida, fulfilling a connection my grandmother never had the chance to experience