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Sainte-Famille-de-l'île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada - 1832 - The parish of Ste. Famille,

by a regulation of Sept. 20, 1721, confirmed by an order in council, March 3, 1722, extends 2 1/ 2 leagues along the North Channel, from the house of Louis Guerard, which separates it from the parish of St. Pierre, to the rivulet named Pot du Beurre. The farms range along the north channel of the St. Lawrence, and extend in depth one league to the middle of the island and abut on the farms of the parish of St. Jean... The quality of the soil is but middling. there are more of the maple and cherry than of other trees. Here is a convent but no other school, for, the girls who are instructed in the convent, amounting sometimes to 60, are generally employed when at home in instructing others of the family, by which means all are educated without the necessity of erecting schools. In this P. there is neither village, inn, nor house, deserving of much notice, although almost all the houses are built with stone. Besides wheat, oats and peas, very little grain is grown. The breed of swine is worthy of remark, but that of other animals is much the same as in other parts of the province where no particular attention has been paid to it. There is only one road, but that is a very good one. About 50 ells of linen, and the same quantity of etoffes du pays, are made annually on average by each family. Oxen as well as horses are used in agricultural labor. - All the farms have been conceded, for more than a century, on the terms usual at the time, and all of them have been frequently surveyed. When there are too many individuals in a family, some of them leave the parish for the purpose of learning trades or taking farms.

1832 - ORLEANS ISLAND or ISLE ST. LAURENT, about 4 miles N.E. of Quebec, divides the River St. Lawrence into two channels. - 19 miles long and 5 1/ 2 broad, containing 69 sq. miles... Granted as a seigniory 15th Jan, 1636, to the Sieur Castellon. - It is at present divided into three distinct properties belonging to Madame Drapeau, Monsr. Poulain, and Monsr. Le Comte Dupre... It contains the parishes of Saint Pierre, Saint Jean, Sainte Famille, Saint Laurent, and Saint Francois, and the Islands of Madame and Reaux. - This island is next in size to that of Montreal, and approaches it in fertility and richness of soil more nearly than any other part of the district of Quebec...

A Topographical Dictionary of The Province of Lower Canada by Joseph Bouchette, Esq., London, 1832

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Sainte-Famille-de-l'île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada

Sainte-Famille-de-l'île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada

Sainte-Famille-de-l'île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada

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