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Henry FORD
1908 - First Model-T car is produced by Henry Ford (United States)

In the annals of early 20th-century industrial achievements, the year 1908 marks a pivotal moment in automotive history. It was in this year that Henry Ford, an innovative industrialist from the United States, revolutionized transportation by producing the first Model-T car. This vehicle, often hailed as the "Tin Lizzie," epitomized Ford's vision of making automobiles affordable and accessible to the average American. The Model-T's introduction heralded a new era of mass production techniques, particularly the moving assembly line, which significantly reduced manufacturing costs and time. Consequently, the Model-T not only transformed personal mobility but also laid the foundation for the modern automotive industry, underscoring Henry Ford's indelible impact on society and technology.

The Ford Motor Company from now until July will manufacture in quantities only the four-cylinder Rumble Seat Runabout, Model "S," and the six-cylinder Runabout Model K. By cutting down the variety of models their factory can put its best energy toward bringing out the Model "T" Touring Car and Taxicab on schedule time. The Model "T" four-cylinder Touring Car will be ready for delivery in July, and the Brooklyn distributers, Bishop, McCormick & Bishop, Inc. of 20 Halsey street, expect to break all sales records during that and the following months. The Model "T" sells for $850, the Taxicab for $950.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Brooklyn, New York
June 7, 1908

Ford Motor Plant - Shipping 1000 Cars a Day

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