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Christopher Latham SHOLES
1868 - The typewriter is invented (Christopher Latham Sholes, United States)

... In 1867 Mr. C. Latham Sholes, a printer and editor; Mr. Samuel W. Soule, a printer, and Mr. Carlos Glidden, a retired merchant, all residents of Milwaukee, inspired by an article of the London Engineering, descriptive of "the prototype" invented by John Pratt, of Centre, Ala., projected the Type-writer. It was completed after six years of the persistent application indispensable to all great enterprises. Practically, the first instrument was made by E. Remington & Sons, in 1878, who are still the sole manufacturers... The Type-writer is progress, but it is a revolution also, or His Majesty the Pen would not have yielded as easily its centuries of autocracy...

National Republican
Washington, DC
December 6, 1884

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