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Walter HUNT
1849 - The safety pin is invented (Walter Hunt, United States)

Interesting Story of Its Inventor, Walter Hunt.

Buffalo Commercial.
John R. Chapin, now of Buffalo, gives some interesting reminiscences of Walter Hunt, who, in the opinion of may, including Mr. Chapin, was the real inventor of the sewing machine. "Let me close," he says "with an anecdote of his talent in the line of invention. He came inot my office on Nassau street one day looking quite down-hearted, and to my inquiry, 'What's the matter, Mr. Hunt?' he replied, 'I owe you $15, don't I, Chapin? Well, I've not a cent in the world, and don't know where to get one.' Upon my assurance that it did not matter, he said: 'Yes, but I don't know where to get a meal of victuals.' After walking the floor for a few minutes in a brown study he suddenly exclaimed: 'I have it. I'll be in this afternoon and pay you.' He went to his shop, took a piece of brass wire about eight inches long, sharpened one end, turned a coil in the center and a loop on the other end, bent it over and made the admirable shielded pin now in common use; took it down to Greene street, sold the right for $400 cash, came in before 4 o'clock, paid me my $15, and said: 'There, Chapin, make out the papers for that and your money is ready for you.'"

The Saint Paul Globe
Saint Paul, Minnesota
December 25, 1895

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