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flag  History of Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada

Journey back in time to Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada

Visit Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada - First Church of St. Philippe and St. Jacques , 1716-1904, built on the current site of the cemetery of Saint-Vallier

Saint-Vallier covers an area of 42 kilometers in the administrative region of Chaudière-Appalaches. It is one of the twenty municipalities that make up the MRC de Bellechasse.

The village has a museum of horse-drawn carriages which recalls the time when carriages competed in elegance and speed, as much in winter with sledges as in summer with carriages.

There is MUCH more to discover about Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada. Read on!

Saint-Vallier Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

First Church of St. Philippe and St. Jacques , 1716-1904, built on the current site of the cemetery
Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada

First Church of St. Philippe and St. Jacques , 1716-1904, built on the current site of the cemetery of Saint-Vallier

Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada


Discover Saint-Vallier: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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In 1662, a seigniory constituted on the territory of Saint-Vallier was granted to Olivier-Morel de la Durantaye.

Read more about Olivier MOREL dit LADURANTAYE
1714 - Église de Saint-Philippe et Saint-Jacques established at Saint-Vallier
Part of this seigniory was acquired in 1720 by Monseigneur de Saint-Vallier, hence the name of the village.
1763- The village (St. Vallier) is known for the story of La Corriveau, a woman who was condemned to death in 1763 for allegedly murdering her husband.
The woman known as "La Corriveau" was Marie-Josephte Corriveau (1733-1763).

Mrs. Marie Josephine (or Josephte) Corriveau, found guilty of the murder of her two husbands in 1763 and whose life has inspired numerous essays and works of fiction, lived and committed her crime in Saint-Vallier.

Mrs. Corriveau allegedly killed her first husband by pouring molten lead into his ear while he slept, like Hamlet's mother. The second husband was allegedly killed with a hammer. Rumor has it that she also killed five other people.

Read more about Marie-Josephte CORRIVEAU "LA CORRIVEAU"
1832 - ST. VALLIER,
seigniory, in the co. of Bellechasse, is bounded N.E. by Berthier; S.W. by St. Michel; in the rear by the T. of Armagh. - About 1 1/ 4 league in breadth and about 4 leagues in depth, including the augmentation. It is the property of __ de Lanaudiere, Esq. - This seigniory is nearly as possible a counterpart of the adjoining S. of St. Michel, the quality of the soil and the varieties of timber differing only in a very slight degree; but the bank of the river St. Lawrence is much lower, and the rear part somewhat broken and rugged. There are 10 concession ranges laid out, 6 of which are settled, and 5 entirely, also 1/ 4 of the 7th. The whole is under cultivation except the domain and patches here and there; and between the 5th and 6th ranges is a rocky place called the Grand Cote unconceded. - The soil in the settled ranges is as follows: -

1st concession - white strong clay
2nd & 3rd do. - strong soil on clay
4th do. - white clay
5th do. - yellow and black soil
6th do. - strong...

1848 (St Vallier) - In 1848, two gravediggers discovered the body of La Corriveau, a woman locked in an iron cage in which she was hung from a pole to die at Lévis-Lauzon Point after being found guilty of murdering her husband in 1763.
ST. VALIER, a post village in Bellechasse co., Que., on the St. Lawrence, and on the G. T. R., 36 miles below Quebec. It contains 3 stores and a telegraph office. Bog iron ore is found in the vicinity. Pop. 300.
Lovell's gazetteer of British North America; J. Lovell; Montreal, 1873
1890 - St Vallier
St Vallier. vil., Ouebec, co. Bellechasse, on R. St Lawrence, 24 m. by rail below Point Levis. P. of sub-dist. 1,372.
The Pocket Atlas and Gazetteer of the Dominion of Canada John George Bartholomew John Murdoch Harper January 1, 1890 London : J. Walker
1895 - St. Valier
ST. VALIER, a post village in Bellechasse co., Que., on the St. Lawrence River, and on the I.C.R., 24 miles from Quebec. It contains 1 Roman Catholic church, 6 stores, 3 grist mills and 1 telegraph office. Pop. of parish 1322.
Crossby, Peter Alfred. Lovell's gazetteer of British North America. (John Lovell & Son)., 1895
Saint Valier, a post-village of Bellechasse co., Quebec, on the St. Lawrence, 36 miles below Quebec. Pop. 200.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906
2023 - Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Saint-Vallier:
Saint-Vallier Church (Église de Saint-Vallier): Start your exploration with a visit to the town's iconic church. This historical building is not only a religious landmark but also showcases impressive architecture.

Parc Saint-Vallier: Enjoy some outdoor time at Parc Saint-Vallier. Whether you want to have a picnic, take a leisurely stroll, or simply relax, this park provides a serene setting.

Musée Maritime du Québec: If you're interested in maritime history, don't miss the Musée Maritime du Québec. Learn about the region's maritime heritage through exhibits and artifacts.

La Maison Casault: Explore this historic house that dates back to the 18th century. It offers a glimpse into the region's past and the lifestyle of its early inhabitants.

Local Artisan Shops: Saint-Vallier is likely to have some local artisan shops. Take a stroll through the town and discover unique crafts, artworks, and souvenirs.

Cycling along the St. Lawrence River: Enjoy a bike ride along the... Read MORE...

Discover Your Roots: Saint-Vallier Ancestry

Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Saint-Vallier.

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female ancestorJeanne LELIEVRE (22 March 1634 , Honfleur, St-Léonard Calvados, France - 11 January 1728, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
male ancestorOlivier MOREL dit LADURANTAYE (17 February 1640, , France - 28 September 1716, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
male ancestorMichel MAILLOUX (15 December 1641, , France - 2 July 1728, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
female ancestorJeanne LABBE (1649, , France - 27 May 1715, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
female ancestorHenriette CARTOIS (1651, Paris, France - 8 January 1729, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
female ancestorMarguerite LEBLANC (2 September 1656, Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 13 February 1725, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
female ancestorLouise PICARD (29 September 1659, Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 7 March 1717, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
male ancestorNicolas ROY (24 March 1661, Dieppe, France - 4 February 1727, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)
male ancestorNoel ROY (1662, Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 6 February 1731, Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada)

Ancestors Who Were Married in Saint-Vallier, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Saint-Vallier.

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male ancestorAndre AUBE dit LANGLOIS (1683 - 30 January 1753 ) and female ancestorGenevieve FRADET (4 January 1698 - 10 July 1768) married 7 January 1715
male ancestorMichel GAUTRON dit LAROCHELLE (23 January 1695 - 29 December 1779) and female ancestorMarie-Anne LEBRUN dite CARRIER (12 December 1697 - ) married 3 February 1716
male ancestorRobert VERMET dit LAFORME (8 April 1672 - 12 March 1741) and female ancestorCatherine-Marguerite CADRIN (CATRIN) (29 June 1698 - ) married 16 February 1716
male ancestorClaude POLIQUIN (30 September 1683 - 12 July 1773) and female ancestorMarie LABBE (15 March 1685 - 30 March 1758) married 24 October 1718
male ancestorJean-Pierre NAVARRE (1698 - ) and female ancestorMarie-Anne ROY (18 December 1698 - 24 March 1776) married 8 January 1720
male ancestorFrançois REMILLARD (8 May 1694 - 2 April 1770) and female ancestorMarie-Françoise ELIE dite BRETON (13 February 1704 - 14 June 1779) married 6 February 1720
male ancestorPierre GAUTRON dit LAROCHELLE (13 April 1700 - 30 August 1759) and female ancestorMarie MARCEAU (17 September 1702 - 16 May 1783) married 18 November 1720
male ancestorJoseph GAUTRON dit LAROCHELLE (1 January 1694 - 31 January 1770) and female ancestorAngélique-Helene LEBRUN dite CARRIER (2 May 1702 - 31 October 1758) married 24 November 1721
male ancestorJean CAZAULT (1695 - 12 August 1761) and female ancestorMarie-Madeleine VOYER (7 May 1707 - 7 November 1766) married 12 August 1721
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