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flag  History of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Journey back in time to Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Visit Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Daily Journal and Tribune Tennessee August 20, 1892

The first ambulance service was established in Cincinnati in 1865.

Cincinnati had the first professional city fire department.

There is MUCH more to discover about Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Read on!

Cincinnati Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Daily Journal and Tribune
August 20, 1892

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Hardwood Floors
Smooth as Glass
"Old English" Floor Wax
Barron, Boyle & Co., Cincinnati, O.

The Ladies' Home Journal
January 1898

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Pease Round Head Venetian Blinds
The Pease Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ladies' Home Journal
September 1898

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Toy Electric Railway

The Carlisle & Finch Co.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ladies' Home Journal
December 1898

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Lake and Hot House, Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Traction Building
Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

German Orphan Home

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Government Square, looking toward the Fountain, Cincinnati, O.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

STOP Thumb Sucking!
Thumb sucking can be immediately corrected with the Baby Alice Thumb Guard
Guard Mfg. Co. 9 West 74th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Howland Photographer
74 Fountain Square
Cincinnati, O.

Discover Cincinnati: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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  • 1788 - August 17 - Losantville, OH (now Cincinnati) founded
  • 1793 - December 14 - 1st state road authorized, Frankfort, Ky to Cincinnati
  • News  1827 - August 10 - Race riots in Cincinnati (1,000 blacks leave for Canada)
    August 10, 1827
  • News  1853 - April 1 - Cincinnati became 1st US city to pay fire fighters a regular salary
    April 1, 1853
  • 1854 - Cincinnati
    Cincinnati is the most populous city of the Western States, and the fifth in site and importance among all the cities of the Union. It is remarkable for its rapid growth, extensive trade, and productive industry. From its central position between Pittsburg and the mouth of the Ohio, it has become the principal gathering and distributing point in the valley of that river. The city is beautifully situated in a valley 3 miles in diameter, intersected from east to west by the Ohio, and environed by a range of hills, with a well-defined circular form, rising by gentle acclivities, about 400 feet above the river. From the summits of these the must beautiful views of Cincinnati are obtained. The greater part of the city is built on two terraces or plains, of which the first is 50, and the second 108 feet higher than low- water mark. The front margin of the latter, originally a steep bank, has been graded to a gentle declivity, so that the drainage of the city is effected by means of the... Read MORE...

  • News  1885 - Happily Pays Fine
    A man in Cincinnati pays $20 fine every Monday morning for selling soda on Sunday. His receipts on that day are something over $80, on which there is a profit of $60, which, after paying the fine leaves a clear gain of $40.
    The Argus
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    June 19, 1855
  • 1860 - May 21 - A swarm of tornadoes occurred in the Ohio Valley. Tornadoes struck the cities of Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, Chillicothe, OH, and Marietta, OH, causing a million dollars damage.
  • January 14, 1863 - The greatest snowstorm of record for Cincinnati OH commenced, and a day later twenty inches of snow covered the ground. That total has remained far above the modern day record for Cincinnati of eleven inches of snow in one storm.
  • 1865 - The first ambulance service was established in Cincinnati in 1865. resources/ state-facts/ ohio.html
  • 1867 - January 1 – The Covington–Cincinnati Suspension Bridge opens between Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky in the United States, becoming the longest single-span bridge in the world.
    January 1, 1867
  • 1869 - Cincinnati Redstockings become the first fully professional baseball team. resources/ state-history-timeline/ ohio.html
  • News  1869 - Explosion
    The late explosion at the Cincinnati gas works was caused by striking a match to light a tobacco pipe. The man who did it was the only victim of the disaster.
    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan
    June 19, 1869
  • News  1884 - Joseph Bunker, chief of the Cincinnati fire department, died from injuries received last Saturday by a collision between his wagon and a fire-engine.

    The Belleville Telescope
    Belleville, Kansas
    October 9, 1884
  • News  1888 - July 25 – Frank Edward McGurrin, a court stenographer from Salt Lake City, Utah, purportedly the only person using touch typing at this time, wins a decisive victory over Louis Traub in a typing contest held in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    This date can be called the birthday of the touch typing method that is widely used now.
    July 25, 1888
  • News  1889 - FATAL TRAIN WRECK Most Appalling Accident of its Kind Ever Known
    Cincinnati, Oct. 15. - Ten persons are reported killed by the breaking loose of a car on the Auburn incline plane. The rope broke just as the car reached the top and it went crashing down and ran into a passenger station and into the office below. Three are killed, and five probably fatally injured.

    The most appalling accident ever known of the inclined plane railways in this city happened to-day between 12 and 1 o'clock on the Mount Auburn inclined plane.

    It lies at the head of Main street and reached to a hight [sic] between 250 and 300 feet in the space of 2000 feet. Two cars are employed, one on each track, drawn by two steel wire cables, wound upon a drum at the top of the hill, by an engine located there. Nine passengers had entered the car at the foot of the plane and a mumber [sic] of others in the car at the top.

    The passage of the ascending car was all right until it reached the top, when, to his sorrow, the engineer found the machine would not respond and he could... Read MORE...

  • 1893 - January 6 - The breaking of an ice gorge in the Ohio River, at Cincinnati, caused great damage to shipping.

    The World Almanac and Book of Facts, Volume 1894 Press Publishing Company. 1894
  • 1895 - Cincinnati
    Cincinnati, sin-sin-nah'tee, the metropolis of the state of Ohio, and the county seat of Hamilton co., is on the right or N. bank of the Ohio River, opposite the mouth of the Licking. By water it is 476 miles from Pittsburg, Pa., 142 miles from Louisville, Ky., 529 miles from Cairo at the mouth of the Ohio, and 1520 miles from New Orleans, La. It is, by railway, 100 miles N. of Lexington, Ky., 120 miles S.W. of Columbus, 0., 340 miles E. of St. Louis, 305 miles S.E. of Chicago, Ill., and 553 miles from Washington by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Lat. 39° 6' 30" N.; lon. 84° 26' W. from Greenwich. Cincinnati is situated in a valley about 3 miles in diameter, environed on the N. side by a semicircular range of hills rising 400 feet above the river, while around the southern margin the Ohio sweeps in a grand curve. The greater part of the city is built on two terraces or plains, the first 60 and the second 112 feet above low-water mark. The drainage of much of the city is made directly... Read MORE...

  • 1901 - Cincinnati - Always a Strategic Point by Milton E. Ailes
    On the day before Christmas, 1788, twenty six adventurous men, in deerskin hunting shirts and leggins, with tomahawk, powder horn and scalping knife at their belts, embarked at Limestone on the Ohio River in rude barges of their own construction, and fighting their way through dangerous floes, proceeded on a journey which was to prove memorable in the annals of American colonization.

    These pilgrims were well aware of the perils and tragedies awaiting them, for their mission was to build them homes and found a city on the edge of the rich Miami Valley, through which mixed tribes of raging Shawnees, Senecas, Iroquois and Miamis roamed, determined to halt the threatening advance of the hated paleface.

    The Indian braves realized that a crucial moment in their history had come. Their allies, the British, had gone down in defeat before the Thirteen Fires. Henceforth the tribes must look to their own councils, and rely upon their own strength, and they swore grimly that the Ohio... Read MORE...

  • 1901 - January 22 - The Grand Opera House in Cincinnati is destroyed in a fire.
    January 22, 1901
    CINCINNATI, O., Jan. 19. - With the crest of the flood water in the Ohio river not yet in sight the financial loss in Cincinnati and vicinity, due to high water, is $500,000 up to tonight. The loss includes damaged goods, loss of manufacturing facilities and wages of idle men. Some 15,000 persons have been driven to higher land. Nearly 50 houses in Newport, a dozen in Covington and large areas in the east end and in Mill Creek quarter of Cincinnati are under water. The conditions are similar at all points between Pittsburg and Cairo. The immense stretch of the river, silently and remorselessly carrying before it all manner of property was watched all day by thousands of people on both banks, and the high buildings. While strenuous efforts were made by hundreds of men to carry to places of safety those whose homes had been invaded by the flood or some of the household effects, from the flooded homes. For better handling relief work, Mayor Dempsey this afternoon divided the city into... Read MORE...

  • 1907 - March 12-13 - A storm produced a record 5.22 inches of rain in 24 hours at Cincinnati, OH.

    The Weather Channel
  • News  1908 - March 7 - Cincinnati Mayor Mark Breith stood before city council & announces that, "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles"
    March 7, 1908
  • News  1914 - September 1 - The last known passenger pigeon "Martha" dies in the Cincinnati Zoo.
    September 1, 1914
  • News  1915 - July 7 - A severe wind and thunderstorm caused heavy damage and 38 deaths in and near Cincinnati, OH. Many older buildings were demolished. The steamship Dick Fulton was overturned.

    The Weather Channel
    July 7, 1915
  • 1916
    Cincinnati, sin-sin-na'tee, the metropolis of the state of Ohio and the county seat of Hamilton co., is on the right or N. bank of the Ohio River, opposite the mouth of the Licking, 476 miles by water below Pittsburg, Pa., and 1520 miles above New Orleans, La. It is the terminus or inter section of several great trunk lines of railway, and is 305 miles SE. of Chicago, 111., and 553 miles due W. of Washington. Lat. of the Cincinnati Observatory, at Mount Lookout, 38° 8' 19" N. ; Lon. 84° 25' 21" W. Cincinnati, the tenth city in population of the United States, is situated in a valley about 3 miles in diameter, environed on the N. side by a semicircular range of hills rising 400-500 feet above the river, while around the southern margin the Ohio River sweeps in a grand curve. The greater part of the city is built on two terraces or plains, the first 60 and the second 112 feet above low-water mark, and occupies a position 430-550 feet above sea-level. It is connected by several bridges... Read MORE...

    Cincinnati, Ohio, March 11. - Three persons are known to have lost their lives, four others are probably fatally seriously injured as the result of a tornado which wrecked about 30 houses in the residential district of Hyde Park, in the eastern section of this city tonight.

    The known dead are:
    MATTHEW McCARTHY, JR., aged 3 years.
    OMER GLENN, 81 years old.
    MR. NELSON, 45 years old.
    Probably fatally injured:
    DAISY HOLMES, 47 years old.
    EDWARD WALSH, Ottawa, 30 years old.
    HARRY SAYRE, 57 years old.
    LUKE FINN, 39 years old.

    The wind cut into Hyde Park through the suburb of Linwood and wrought damage to Madison Road and Delta Avenue, a distance of a mile and a half.

    In its journey across Hyde Park, it leveled house after house, scattering debris in every direction. Grace and Griest Avenues suffered the heaviest, only a few residences being undamaged. The wind reached a velocity estimated at from 65 to 70 miles an hour.

    After the storm the body of the McCARTHY boy was... Read MORE...

  • News  1919 - The Baseball World Series won by Cincinnati Reds

  • 1922 - March 2 - WLW-AM in Cincinnati OH begins radio transmissions
  • News  May 24, 1935: First major league baseball night game was played in Cincinnati, Ohio

    The Old Farmer's Almanac
    May 24, 1935
  • News  1967 - June 12 - Race riot in Cincinnati Ohio (300 arrested)
    June 12, 1967
  • 1969 - August 9 - A tornado hit Cincinnati OH killing four persons and causing fifteen million dollars property damage. The tornado moved in a southeasterly direction at 40 to 50 mph.

    The Weather Channel

  • 2023 - Here's a list of some of the best places to go and things to do in Cincinnati:
    Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden:

    One of the oldest zoos in the United States, it's a fantastic place for families or anyone who loves animals. They have a variety of exhibits, including the famous Fiona the hippo.

    Fountain Square:

    This is the city's premier public space, hosting events, concerts, and markets. Surrounding the square, you'll find shops, restaurants, and bars. It's a lively spot in the heart of downtown Cincinnati.

    Cincinnati Art Museum:

    For art enthusiasts, this museum offers an impressive collection of over 67,000 artworks spanning 6,000 years. The admission is free, making it a great cultural destination.

    Great American Ball Park:

    Catching a Cincinnati Reds baseball game at this beautiful ballpark is a quintessential Cincinnati experience. The atmosphere during games is electric, and the view of the Ohio River from the park is stunning.

    Findlay Market:

    Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market, Findlay Market is a vibrant place... Read MORE...

Discover Your Roots: Cincinnati Ancestry

Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Cincinnati.

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male ancestorPeter Rawson TAFT (14 April 1785, Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA (North Uxbridge) - 1 January 1867, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville))
female ancestorSophia HUNTINGTON (15 May 1794, Shaftsbury, Vermont, USA - 24 May 1867, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville))
female ancestorElizabeth Bassett HARRISON (29 September 1796, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville) - 29 September 1846, North Bend, Ohio, USA)
male ancestorJohn Cleves Symmes HARRISON (28 October 1798, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville) - 30 October 1830, Boone County, Kentucky, USA)
female ancestorLucy Singleton HARRISON (31 July 1800, Richmond, Virginia, USA - 7 April 1826, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville))
male ancestorJohn Mcgrew WILSON (1801, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville) - 8 November 1862, , Iowa, USA)
female ancestorMary CLARK (1807, Whetlesay, England - 6 November 1894, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville))
male ancestorJames Thompson SALISBURY (October 1809, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro) - 27 October 1835, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville))
male ancestorAbraham COLEMAN (1812, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (Losanteville) - 22 July 1879, Utica, New York, USA)

Ancestors Who Were Married in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Cincinnati.

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male ancestorThomas John REED (1809 - 1900) and female ancestorEmily SHAW (1817 - 08/24/1867) married 4/14/1834
photo of Daniel DINGLER Daniel DINGLER (27 January 1822 - 29 January 1913) and female ancestorKatharina KOCH (25 January 1825 - 21 January 1892) married 1844
photo of Rutherford Birchard HAYES Rutherford Birchard HAYES (4 October 1822 - 17 January 1893) and female ancestorLucy Ware WEBB (28 August 1831 - 25 June 1889) married 30 December 1852
photo of William Howard TAFT William Howard TAFT (15 September 1857 - 8 March 1930) and photo of Helen "Nellie" HERRON Helen "Nellie" HERRON (2 June 1861 - 22 May 1943) married 19 June 1886
male ancestorCarl Heinrich August SCHWENTKER (SCHWENKER) (3/1/1868 - 05/01/1926) and female ancestorMary GRABLE (1866 - 1912) married 3/18/1890
photo of Cornelius DEPREZ Cornelius DEPREZ (11 April 1869 - 3 October 1953) and photo of Anna Frederia Regina NIEPORTE Anna Frederia Regina NIEPORTE (4 August 1872 - 1 December 1952) married 5 February 1896
male ancestorPeter WEIDNER (8 October 1879 - 25 November 1935) and female ancestorAnna AUER SPOOLER? (1 November 1884 - 18 June 1941) married 3 August 1903
male ancestorCarl Heinrich August SCHWENTKER (SCHWENKER) (3/1/1868 - 05/01/1926) and female ancestorJosephine GRABEL (7/7/1876 - 1965) married 6/11/1913
photo of William Oscar "Oscar" DEPREZ William Oscar "Oscar" DEPREZ (8 March 1897 - 27 February 1970) and photo of Barbara Mary "Mary" GEIS Barbara Mary "Mary" GEIS (18 July 1899 - 14 February 1973) married 15 June 1921
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