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flag  History of Beloeil, Québec, Canada

Journey back in time to Beloeil, Québec, Canada


Visit Beloeil, Québec, Canada. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Beloeil, Québec, Canada - Eglise de St Mathieu, est. 1772 1014, rue Richelieu, Beloeil, QUÉBEC

Beloeil is an old city and a small community situated in the province of Quebec, about 20 miles east of Montreal, in southeastern Canada.

Beloeil, the capital of La-Vallée-du-Richelieu, borders the Richelieu River and is a major economic and social center of Quebec.

The origin of the toponym of Beloeil comes from an exclamation of Jean-Baptiste Hertel who went up the Richelieu River to find the location of the seigneurial concession that he planned to ask the governor. As he climbed Mont Saint-Hilaire, he exclaimed, faced with the beauty of the panorama, “What a beautiful eye! ".

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Beloeil Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Eglise de St Mathieu, est. 1772
1014, rue Richelieu, Beloeil, QUÉBEC
Beloeil, Québec, Canada

Eglise de St Mathieu, est. 1772
1014, rue Richelieu, Beloeil, QUÉBEC

Beloeil, Québec, Canada

Station du G.T.R. (Grand Trunk Railroad)
Beloeil, Québec, Canada

Station du G.T.R. (Grand Trunk Railroad)
Hospice St. Victor
Beloeil, Québec, Canada

Hospice St. Victor

Discover Beloeil: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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1694 - The seignory (Beloeil) was granted to Sieur Joseph Hertel on January 18, 1694

The oldest document that mentions Beloeil is a deed of concession obtained in 1713 by Charles Le Moyne for the expansion of his seigneury.
By 1754, all the available land in Beloeil had been granted.
1768 - Beloeil founded
1772 - Cathedral of St. Matthias (Église Saint-Matthieu) established at Beloeil
1832 - BELOEIL,
seignory, on the N.W. of the river Richelieu, in the co. of Vercheres; is bounded w. by the S. of Chambly, E. by that of Cournoyer, S. by the R. St. Lawrence and N. by lands stretching to the rear of the S. of Cap St. Michel and the adjoining small fiefs, and which form an augmentation to Beloeil. - 2 l. in front by 1 1/ 2 deep, and the augmentation is nearly of the same superficies. - The principal grant was made, January 18, 1694, to Sieur Joseph Hertel and the accessory one, March 24, 1731, to Sieur de Longueuil. The Barnoess de Longueuil is now proprietor of both. - The soil along the Richelieu is light, but in some places it is as rich as any in the district of Montreal. The uncleared parts afford some beech, maple and birch timber but more of spruce, fir, cedar and inferior sorts. The N.E. part is well watered by the little R. Beloeil, along the banks of which is a range of excellent concessions; some smaller streams traverse the lower part and likewise fall into the Richelieu.... Read MORE...

Officially, Beloeil was established as a parish in 1832 and recognized civilly in 1835. However, the creation of the parish of Saint-Mathieu can be traced back to 1772.
In the 19th century, the railway was built in Beloeil in 1848, the first aqueduct was built twenty years later, a powder keg another ten years later and important religious buildings were erected: the convent and the hospice.
St. Hilaire, Station, June 29. - A serious accident happened this morning about half-past one to an emigrant train from Quebec. The train stopped at St. Hilaire, about one mile from the bridge across the Richelieu River, where there is a swing bridge. The swing bridge was opened about a quarter past one to let a number of barges in tow of a steamer pass. The proper signals were turned before the bridge was opened, and the red light was burning well. The man in charge of the bridge, when he heard the whistle, waved his red hand lamp. The standing orders are, that all trains must come to a full stop before reaching the bridge; this was disregarded, and the train rain into the open draw. A number of emigrants were killed and injured, it is impossible to say how many at present. A large body of men are at work clearing away the wreck. At 8 a.m. thirty-four bodies were recovered and between thirty or forty taken out more of less injured. The depth of the water in the draw is ten feet...
The Cork Examiner
Cork, Ireland
July 16, 1864
BELOEIL VILLAGE, a post village in Vercheres co., Que., on the Richelieu river, 1 1/ 2 miles from Beloeil Station. It contains a Catholic church, a saw mill, and several stores. Pop. 300.
Lovell's gazetteer of British North America; J. Lovell; Montreal, 1873
1873 - Accident on the Grand Trunk
Friday morning, at 5:30 o'clock, as the Portland express on the Grand Trunk Railway was passing the 27th mile post, near Soixante, the three last cars, a Pullman and two others, left the track from spreading of the rails, broke the coupling and rolled down the embankment over 30 feet high. Thirty-two persons more or less injured were brought to Montreal by the forward part of the train. The others were left at St. Hyacinthe and Beloeil. Several are frightfully hurt. Most of the passengers were Americans.
St. Albans Daily Messenger
St. Albans, Vermont
May 5, 1873
1875 - Fatal Accident at Beloeil, P. Q.
MONTREAL, P.Q. - July 12. - Yesterday afternoon, a carriage containing Mrs. Bernard, of Beloeil, her two daughters and a son and two neighbors, was run into by a special train near the Beloeil bridge. Two of the ladies were killed. Mrs. Bernard and one of her daughters are badly injured and not expected to live.
Daily Inter Ocean
July 13, 1875
1888 - A Farm Sinks Into the Earth
MONTREAL, May 22. - A report comes from Beloeil that 15 acres belonging to a farmer named Roberts, and which was ploughed and ready for sowing, has sunk a distance of 40 feet.
May 23, 1888
1895 - Beloeil Station / Beloeil Village
Beloeil Station, a post-village in Verchères co, Quebec, 21 miles by rail N.E. of Montreal. Pop. 50.

Beloeil Village, Quebec, is on the Richelieu River, 13 miles from Beloeil Station. Pop. 300
Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World Containing Notices of Over One Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand Places ... Joseph Thomas January 1, 1895 J.B. Lippincott

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1913 - Seven Lives Lost
Beloeil, Quebec, July 24. - Seven lives were lost at Beloeil today when an explosion of nitroglycerine blew one of the isolated building of the Canadian Explosive company to bits and scattered the dismembered bodies of four men and three girls, employes, in every direction. Workers in the other houses of the plant were uninjured, the distance between the buildings being great enough to prevent the shock from producing other explosions. With the except of Eugene Larive, of St. Hilaire, all the dead were residents of Beloiel.
Altoona Tribune
Altoona, Pennsylvania
July 25, 1913
The village of Beloeil was incorporated into the City in February 1914.
1915 - 6 Dead, 8 Injured In Fire and Explosion at Beloeil
MONTREAL, July 6 - Six people were killed and eight others seriously injured in an explosion and fire in the factory of the Canadian Explosives company at Beloeil, Que., early today.

The dead are: Capt. J. Murry Wilson, Montreal, superintendent of the Canadian Explosives company; Elmer G. Brown, superintendent of the Cordite section at Beloeil; Raoul Savreau, Richard, Meyer, Maria Williams and Bertha Blois, Beloeil.

The injured are: Miss Bettina Lacasse, Miss Laura Eli, David Pritchard, J. Josoin, H. C. Schnoch, Henri Chicoine, Ubald Simoneau and Charles Byrne, all of Beloeil.

Every person in the room where the explosion occurred was killed instantly.

The injured were brought to the Montreal general hospital. The monetary loss is about $20,000.
Duluth News-Tribune
Duluth, Minnesota
July 7, 1915
Beloeil, Canada (AP) - Canadian Industries Ltd. shut down production at its big McMasterville explosives plant following a huge explosion in which eight men were killed and seven others hospitalized.

The blast Wednesday night blew out windows for a radius of five miles of the plant located in Quebec Province.

Scores of persons were treated for cuts, and several houses were shifted off their foundations, but there were no explosions in the other 49 buildings in the square-mile plant area.

The company said all production of explosives at the plant 15 miles east of Montreal was stopped until a panel of experts from the federal and provincial governments and the company determined the cause of the blast.

The explosion occurred in a building used for the manufacture of cap-sensitive slurries, "one of the new generation of explosives," a company spokesman said.

"It's not as sensitive as nitroglycerine," he added.

The dead were among 13 workers inside the building at the... Read MORE...

Beloeil, Qué, City, pop 18 927 (2006c), 19 053 (2001c), inc 1914. Beloeil is located 32 km east from Montréal on the west bank of the Rivière Richelieu, opposite the city of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Beloeil was first opened to settlement in the first quarter of the 18th century. By 1754, all the available land had been granted. A thriving agricultural community grew up around the seigneury of Beloeil, which had been granted to the Lemoyne de Longueil family in 1694, and the parish of Saint-Mathieu, which had been created in 1772. The parish municipality of Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, set up in 1855, included the village of Beloeil, which formed a separate municipality in 1903.

The building of a powder-magazine in 1878 led to the establishment of an important CIL munitions factory, the production of which played a major role in the World Wars I and II. The increase of population which ensued was partly responsible for the incorporation of the city in 1914. Beloeil became a... Read MORE...

2023 - There's plenty to see and do in Beloeil. Here's a list:
Mont Saint-Hilaire: Start your visit to Beloeil with a hike up Mont Saint-Hilaire. This mountain is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and offers several trails suitable for various skill levels. The panoramic views from the summit are breathtaking, especially during the fall foliage season.

Verchères Vineyard: Explore the Verger Belliveau vineyard, which is known for its apple orchards and vineyards. You can enjoy wine tastings, apple picking, and scenic walks through the orchards.

Château de Beloeil: Discover the historic Château de Beloeil, a beautiful castle surrounded by lush gardens. While you can't tour the interior, the gardens are open to the public and are a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a picnic.

Spa Ström: For a relaxing day, visit Spa Ström. This spa offers various treatments, hot tubs, saunas, and relaxation areas. It's a great place to unwind and pamper yourself.

Centre de la Nature: This nature center is a fantastic spot for families. It features ... Read MORE...

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male ancestorLouis POIRIER (14 February 1743 - ) and female ancestorMarie-Anne-Brigitte GIPOULOU dite LAFLEUR (7 October 1752 - ) married 17 February 1772
male ancestorJacques CUSSON (9 April 1752 - 26 May 1811) and female ancestorMarie-Josephte GERVAIS (21 May 1752 - 9 January 1820) married 15 February 1773
male ancestorJean-Baptiste ROCH (14 November 1748 - 25 September 1818) and female ancestorCharlotte GAUTHIER (1730 - ) married 27 September 1773
male ancestorPierre BOURBEAU (12 November 1750 - 4 December 1827) and female ancestorElisabeth VALLIERE (VALLIERES) (22 May 1753 - 9 August 1782) married 7 February 1774
male ancestorPierre MONET (24 April 1725 - ) and female ancestorMarie-Madeleine CAUCHON (27 February 1716 - 10 March 1789) married 27 February 1775
male ancestorJean-Baptiste DIAMEAU dit BEAUSOLEIL (GUILLAUMEAU) (24 September 1733 - 27 May 1821) and female ancestorMarie RENAUD (5 February 1751 - ) married 7 August 1775
male ancestorAntoine FOISY (1 September 1753 - 26 July 1830) and female ancestorMarie-Josephe GIPOULOU dite LAFLEUR (11 February 1756 - 23 March 1827) married 15 May 1775
male ancestorJean-Baptiste COTE (29 September 1748 - ) and female ancestorCatherine LAMOUREUX (1754 - 20 May 1834) married 9 January 1775
male ancestorPierre GOGUET (GOYETTE) (29 June 1746 - 8 August 1822) and female ancestorCharlotte VACHON (2 August 1757 - 27 March 1830) married 27 January 1777

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