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flag  History of Grondines, Québec, Canada

Journey back in time to Grondines, Québec, Canada


Visit Grondines, Québec, Canada. Discover its history. Learn about the people who lived there through stories, old newspaper articles, pictures, postcards and ancestry.

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Grondines, Québec, Canada - Église de Saint-Charles, est. 1680 490, ch. du Roy, Grondines, QUÉBEC

Grondines, Québec

Grondines is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, halfway between Quebec and Trois-Rivières.

The municipality of Deschambault-Grondines was created in 2002, when Deschambault and Grondines merged to form one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec.

The municipality is crossed by the Chemin du Roy, built in the first half of the 18th century to connect the three economic poles of Canada at the time which were Quebec, Trois-Rivières and Montreal. This first motorable road in Canada extends over 21 kilometers in the municipality of Deschambault-Grondines.

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Grondines Nostalgia: Vintage Photos, Ads, and Postcards

Église de Saint-Charles, est. 1680
490, ch. du Roy, Grondines, QUÉBEC
Grondines, Québec, Canada

Église de Saint-Charles, est. 1680
490, ch. du Roy, Grondines, QUÉBEC
Le Viex Moulin a Grondines (Canada) - 1910
Grondines, Québec, Canada

Le Viex Moulin a Grondines (Canada) - 1910
Residence Emile Guilbault
Grondines, Québec, Canada

Residence Emile Guilbault

Discover Grondines: History, News, Travel, and Stories

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We find the name of Grondines on a map of 1632.
It was chosen because "of a large number of flats of large pebbles which are in front, which means that, when it is windy, the waters make a great noise there (according to Gideon of Catalonia). During the summer of 1633, Champlain set up the first trading post there upstream from Quebec.

Read more about Samuel DE CHAMPLAIN photo of ancestor
1638 - Seigniory Grondines granted 20th Mar., 1638, to the Duchess d'Aiguillon for Les Dames Hospitalierre of the Hotel Dieu of Quebec.

Read more about Marie-Madeleine DE VIGERNOT D'AIGUILLON photo of ancestor
In 1646, the nuns of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec took possession of the seigneury of Grondines, created on the current territory of Deschambault-Grondines.
The first settlers came to settle in Grondines and Deschambault around the 1670s, after the soldiers of the Carignan regiment drove out the Iroquois.
Around the middle of the 18th century, there are about 100 families of European origin in the territory.
1674 - Grondines Windmill
The name Grondines was named by Samuel de Champlain himself. "Grondines" is from the French verb "gronder", meaning to rumble or roar. In 1674, the Grondines windmill was built and is the oldest windmill in Québec. The windmill was first a flour mill, and then a lighthouse. wiki/ Deschambault-Grondines

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1676 - Parish of Grondines is established
1680 - Église de Saint-Charles established at Grondines
1828 - Wreck of Steamboats
From the Montreal Gazette.

On Thursday morning, about 3 o'clock, the Steamboats Lady of the Lake, on her way to Quebec, and the Chambly, on her voyage up, ran foul of each other opposite Grondines. The guard and part of the deck on the starboard bow of the Chambly were broken, when the boats first came in contact. The Lady of the Lake then swung round, struck the starboard quarter of the Chambly, broke two of the stauncheons and the small boat that hung on the davids. We have not heard the extent of the damage received by Lady of the Lake, but it is supposed not so great, as she did not stop her engine, but proceeded on her voyage.
National Gazette
August 2, 1828
1832 - GRONDINES, les,
seigniory, in the co. of Portneuf, is bounded S.W. by the S. of Ste. Anne and its augmentation; N.E. by La Tesserie; in the rear by the projected T. of Alton and waste lands of the crown; in front by the St. Lawrence. - Granted in three parts, viz. the W. part, one league in front by ten in depth, 20th Mar., 1638, to the Duchess d'Aiguillon for Les Dames Hospitalieres of the Hotel Dieu of Quebec; the E. part, 3/ 4 l. in front by 3 l. in depth, 3rd Nov., 1672, to the poor of that hopsital; the aug. to the E. part, 2 l. in depth by 3/ 4 l. in front, 25th Apr., 1711, to Louis Hamelin: the whole is now the property of Mr. Charret. - Throughout the greater part of these grants the soil is indifferent; a thin layer of poor earth upon a sold bed of stone: here and there a few patches of better quality may be found, and all the known lands on the Grondines' side of the rapid of the R. Ste. Anne are of good quality. - Five concessions have been conceded and part of another; the first 4 are... Read MORE...

GRONDINES, a post village in Portneuf co, Que., on the N. shore of the St. Lawrence, 48 miles above Quebec It has two lighthouses, and contains 6 Stores, a grist mill and a telegraph office. A steamboat from Quebec calls twice a week. Pop. 400; of parish 1,503.
Lovell's gazetteer of British North America; J. Lovell; Montreal, 1873
1885 - Canadian Towns which are Infected
The State Board of Health of Maine announces, that besides Montreal and its suburbs, the following named places in the Province of Quebec are affected with small-pox; Batiscan, Oct. 22, 7 families; Bersenels, below Tadousac, Nov 6, 4 families; Cap St. Ignace, Oct. 29, 50 cases, Chambly, Oct 27, 2 cases; Grondines, Oct. 18, several deaths; Lachine, Nov. 4, another new case, Laprairie, Oct. 22, 1 child died and 3 sick, L'Islet, Oct. 29, 6 cases; Longueuil, Nov. 3, 7 cases, have been 20 in all, Lorette, Oct 28, six cases; Maissonneuve, Oct. 31; Mascouche, Oct 31; Montmagny, Oct 29, one case; Ottawa, Nov. 6, several cases; Pointe aux Trembles, Port Neuf, Oct. 29, six cases, Rivier du Loup, Oct 23 ten cases, Rimouski, Oct, 21, 8 cases, St Francis, Temisconata Co, Nov 7, 7 cases, St Joseph de Levis, Oct 31, St. Lambert, Nov 3, 1 case, St. I in, Nov. 5; St. Martin, Oct 27 2 houses, St. Michel, Oct. 27, 4 deaths recently, St. Paschal, Oct 23 3 cases; St. Remi, Oct 27, 2 houses, St Roch, Nov.... Read MORE...

1895 - Grondines
Grondines, a post village in Portneuf co., Quebec, on the N. shore of the St. Lawrence, 48 miles above Quebec. It has 2 light-houses, and contains 6 stores and a grist-mill. A steamboat from Quebec calls twice a week. Pop. 400.
Lippincott's Gazetteer of the World: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World Containing Notices of Over One Hundred and Twenty-five Thousand Places ... Joseph Thomas January 1, 1895 J.B. Lippincott
The municipality of Deschambault-Grondines was created in 2002, when Deschambault and Grondines merged to form one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec.
2023 - Grondines has something for everyone. Here's a list of places to go and things to do in Grondines:
Parc de la Chute Grondines (Grondines Falls Park): Start your visit to Grondines with a trip to the Parc de la Chute Grondines. This beautiful park is home to a stunning waterfall and offers hiking trails, picnic areas, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. The falls are particularly impressive during the spring and early summer when the water flow is at its peak.

Moulin Marcoux (Marcoux Mill): Discover the history of Grondines by visiting Moulin Marcoux, a historic watermill dating back to the 18th century. You can take a guided tour to learn about the milling process and the role this mill played in the development of the village. The picturesque mill and its surroundings are also perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Église de Grondines (Grondines Church): This beautiful church is a significant landmark in the village and a testament to the area's rich religious history. Even if you're not particularly religious, the architecture and interior of the Église de... Read MORE...

Discover Your Roots: Grondines Ancestry

Ancestors Who Were Born or Died in Grondines, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were born or died in Grondines.

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female ancestorAntoinette MEUNIER (1635, , France - 25 February 1697, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
female ancestorJeanne LEGENDRE (1636, , France - 1 March 1714, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
male ancestorJacques AUBERT (1638, Rouen, France - 19 June 1710, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
male ancestorMarin RICHARD LAVALLEE dit ARPOT (1640, , France - 27 May 1715, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
male ancestorPierre-Andre RENAUD dit LOCAS (LOCAT) (4 May 1641, Leucate, Aude, France - 25 January 1713, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
male ancestorJoseph GUYON (10 September 1649, Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 8 September 1712, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
male ancestorLouis HAMELIN (1650, , France - 3 May 1718, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
female ancestorMarie-Françoise DESPORTES (1653, Paris, France - 13 April 1736, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))
male ancestorFrançois BRUNET (1657, , France - 7 January 1742, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines))

Ancestors Who Were Married in Grondines, Québec, Canada

We currently have information about ancestors who were married in Grondines.

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male ancestorLouis HAMELIN (1650 - 3 May 1718) and female ancestorAntoinette AUBERT (1666 - 8 December 1720) married 7 August 1679
male ancestorAlexis SAUVAGEAU (1671 - 20 February 1749) and female ancestorMarguerite MARTIN dite MASSE (14 May 1679 - 24 December 1744) married 19 April 1694
male ancestorJean-François JOBIN dit BOISVERT (1661 - 20 March 1737) and female ancestorFrançoise-Elisabeth RENAUD dite LOCAS (17 January 1674 - 2 March 1743) married 2 May 1694
male ancestorJean-François LIÉNARD dit DURBOIS (28 August 1657 - 29 March 1731) and female ancestorMarie-Madeleine RICHARD dite ARPOT (1674 - 15 July 1758) married 12 January 1698
male ancestorJacques HAMELIN (19 August 1680 - 4 December 1728) and female ancestorAntoinette RICHARD dite LAVALLÉE (1689 - 2 March 1759) married 10 March 1706
male ancestorFrancois RIVARD dit MONTENDRE (1677 - 11 February 1756) and female ancestorMarie-Jeanne HAMELIN (1682 - 29 April 1758) married 27 February 1710
male ancestorPierre ROY dit CHÂTELLERAULT (1679 - 24 July 1749) and female ancestorMarie-Madeleine HAMELIN (1683 - 26 November 1733) married 27 February 1710
male ancestorCharles DUBORD dit CLERMONT (16 August 1681 - 29 October 1749) and female ancestorMarie RIPAULT (10 October 1693 - 25 March 1759) married January 1712
male ancestorPierre BRUNEAU (21 April 1673 - ) and female ancestorCatherine CHAPELAIN (12 November 1676 - 28 August 1743) married 3 June 1714
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