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Birth Places of Ancestors

Maria CHENEY (b. 8 January 1807, Dudley, Massachusetts, USA  d. 29 November 1854, Woodstock, Connecticut, USA)

b. Dudley, Massachusetts, USA

Father's side of family

Father - Joel CHENEY b. Dudley, Massachusetts, USA

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Thomas CHENEY b. Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA*

Ancestral Map Grandmother - Eunice GLEASON b. Oxford, Massachusetts, USA

Mother's side of family

Mother - Naomi BATCHELLER b. Charlton, Massachusetts, USA (Charlton City) (Charlton Depot)

Ancestral Map Grandfather - Elijah BATCHELLER (BATCHELDER) b. Grafton, Massachusetts, USA (Saundersville) (Fisherville)

Ancestral Map Grandmother - Elizabeth MUNGER b. Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA