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Bennington Monument, San Diego, Cal.



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San Diego, California, USA

Fifth Street, San Diego, California

San Diego, California, USA

Inner Court, Ramona's Marriage Place, San Diego, Cal.

"In 1906, businessman and sugar magnate John D. Spreckels acquired the c. 1825 hacienda of Spanish aristocrat and important early San Diego citizen Don José Antonio de Estudillo and funded a restoration of the building that was supervised by architect Hazel W. Waterman. Operating under the name "Ramona's Marriage Place," it opened as a tourist attraction along Spreckel's streetcar line in 1910, and was influential in increasing the popularity of both Mission Revival architecture and the legend of "Ramona," a character from Helen Hunt Jackson's 1884 novel of the same name. The only problem with that scenario is that in Jackson's novel, Ramona was married not in the Estudillo House, but at another building in Old Town, the Adobe Chapel.

Now a museum, the Adobe Chapel, located at 3950 Conde Street, is still the perfect setting to make any wedding a historic occasion..."

San Diego, California, USA

Boggs Bros

"The 'Diner' is part of an actual train that operated between San Diego and Old Mexico years ago," and that it is "Famous for Steaks - Chicken - Seafoods." Located at the "Corner" of "Pacific Highway and Laurel Street, San Diego," the diner was across from Lindbergh Field (the San Diego Airport), and was also known as the Boggs Brothers Airway Diner, that was said to be "two railroad cars end-to-end with a streamlined locomotive nose," with one of the cars "set up as a 'coffee shop,' with a counter and stools," and the other with "table and booth service." After 1942 the drive-in restaurant portion were added. The Boggs Brothers (Herb and Ray) owned several restaurants in San Diego."