L'Assomption, Québec, Canada  -
L'Assomption, Québec, Canada


L'Assomption, Québec, Canada  - Couvent, Congregation N.D., L'Assomption, P.Q. (Canada)
L'Assomption, Québec, Canada

Couvent, Congregation N.D., L'Assomption, P.Q. (Canada)

L'Assomption, Québec, Canada  - Bureau de Poste. - L'ASSOMPTION
L'Assomption, Québec, Canada

Bureau de Poste. - L'ASSOMPTION

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L'Assomption, Québec, Canada
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is L'Assomption, Québec, Canada ? 

L'Assomption is an off-island suburb of Montreal, in southwestern Quebec, Canada on the L'Assomption River. It is the seat of the Regional County Municipality of L'Assomption. It is located on the outer fringes of the Montreal urban area.

Most of the economy depends on the agricultural industries of the surrounding plains. It is also the cultural center of the region.

This city is also known to be the home town of the thrash metal band Reanimator, as you can hear their singer scream "Merci L'Assomption!" (which means "Thank you L'Assomption) at the end of the song "Black Bones" from their Thrashin' The Neighborhood EP.

L'Assomption is also home to Marie-Annick Lépine, a member of the highly popular néo-traditional Quebec band Les Cowboys Fringants.

In 2002, L'Assomption amalgamated with the parish of Saint-Gérard-Majella.wikipedia

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History / News

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1647 - In 1647, the L'Assomption Seignory was granted to Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny, named after the river already named such since the seventeenth century.

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1717 - (L'Assomption) - In 1717, the parish was formed, known thereafter as Saint-Pierre-du-Portage-de-l'Assomption and also as Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul-du-Portage.

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1766 - (L'Assomption) - In 1766, the village saw an influx of Acadian settlers.

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News  1826 - Terrible Accident
From the Montreal Courant, of Sept. 2.
We are informed that one day last week, a Canadian man at L'Assomption, was mowing hay near the river side, when he saw a very large fish near the water's edge; he made a blow at it with his scythe (which was just whetted) and raised it above his head; it...Read MORE...

seigniory,, in the co. of Lachenaye, is bounded N.E. by St. Sulipice; S.W. by the S. of Lachenaye; in the rear by Kilkenny and Rawdon; in front by the St. Lawrence. It formerly formed part of the land granted, 16th April 1647, to Pierre Legardeur (vide the Title of Lachenaye); it now belongs to the ...Read MORE...

News  1834 - Unusual Murder
A murder of the most barbarous nature was lately committed at L'Assomption under unusual circumstances. Two brothers, Raymond and Oliver Brien dit Dessochers were enamored of and paying their addresses at the same time to the deceased Domithile Perrault. Oliver, however, soon discovered that his...Read MORE...

1835 - Église de l’Assomption-de-la-Sainte-Vierge is established at L'Assomption

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1837 - July 29, 1837 - Rebellion of 1837 - Patriotes hold illegal protest meeting at l'Assomption

canadachannel.ca/ todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ July_29
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L'ASSOMPTION, a county in the W. part of Quebec, bordering on the River St Lawrence. Area 158,761 acres It is watered by the Mascouche, Achigan and L'Assomption Rivers. Capital, L'Assomption. Pop. 15,473.

L'ASSOMPTION, the chief town of L'Assomption co., Que., is situated on a peninsula formed...Read MORE...

Mr. Hurteau, ex-M.P., L'Assomption, has been appointed superintendent of immigration for the Province of Quebec by the Federal Government. He will devote himself to the task of re-patriating French-Canadians residing in the States, giving lectures this summer in New England.
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
July 2, 1887
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1887 - The peaceful tenor and formidable possibilities of French-Canadian married life are illustrated by the information that at L'Assomption, Que., to-day twenty couples are to celebrate their golden weddings;
one couple having been married seventy years. That couple were no doubt courting when the battle of Waterloo was fought.
The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 13, 1887
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1892 - Fell Through the Ice.
MONTREAL, Jan. 5. - A rich farmer named Desjardins, his daughter and a boy named Roy, aged 13 years, broke through the ice at L'Assomption and were drowned. The farmer and his daughter were driving on the river and the boy was skating.
The Daily Times
New Brunswick, New Jersey
January 6, 1892
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A landslide occurred on Lachigan river at l'Assomption on Saturday night. It started opposite Providence convent and extended nearly to the postoffice, about a quarter of a mile. A hill 100 feet high moved away, practically filling up the river. There was no damage to property.
Manitoba Morning Free Press
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
June 12, 1894
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1905 - Église de Saint-Gérard-Majella is established at L'Assomption

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L'Assomption, a banking town, capital of L'Assomption co., Quebec, on a peninsula formed by the L'Assomption River, 24 miles N. of Montreal, on the Canada Great Northern R. It has saw- and grist-mills, manufactures of wine, etc. Pop. in 1901, 1605.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns, Resorts, Islands, Rivers, Mountains, Seas, Lakes, Etc., in Every Portion of the Globe, Part 1 Angelo Heilprin Louis Heilprin - January 1, 1916 J.B. Lippincott - Publisher
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