Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - Main Street
Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)

Main Street

Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) -
Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)


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Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - Elm Street, Sabattus, Me.
Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)

Elm Street, Sabattus, Me.

Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - Town Hall
Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)

Town Hall

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Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Sabattus, Maine, USA? 

Sabattus, Androscoggin, Maine, USA
The town was first incorporated as Webster on March 21, 1788. The name Sabattus comes from one of the chiefs of the Native American tribe that lived in the area. The tribe had moved on when the settlers came. This was seen as a good thing as the two cultures would not have meshed well. The only parts of the town to bear the name Sabattus were the lake, river, and mountain. The spelling changed from Sabattis to the current spelling

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History / News

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1886 - Webster
Webster is situated in the south-eastern side of Androscoggin County, and joins Lewiston on the west. Lisbon bounds it on the south, Bowdoin on the east, and Wales and Litchfield on the north. The town is nearly square, and has an area of about 12,000 acres. A portion of Sabattus Pond lies in its...Read MORE...

1898 - FIRST CAR TO SABATIS. It Went Over the Route on Friday Forenoon. Who Were in the Party and Something About the Trip.
The Sabatis line of the Lewiston, Bath and Brunswick electric road is sufficiently completed that a car passed over the road to within two miles of Sabatis Friday forenoon.

At eleven o'clock a gravel car left the head of Lisbon street... Everything was going smoothly and Supt. Farr said, “Boys, ...Read MORE...

1903 - SABATIS CITIZENS Object to Certain Features of the Saturday Night Dances
SABATIS, Me., Feb. 17 (Special). - The public opinion in this section is aroused to a degree.

The Saturday night dances have arrived at the period in their career when the better class of residents call them a nuisance. It is but a very small percentage of the villagers, say the citizens, who...Read MORE...

1904 - SABATTUS ITEMS. There was a large attendance at the dance held in Lombard hall last Tuesday night which many of the townspeople attended.
There will be another one Saturday night and one the following Tuesday. The dances are under the management of Mr. Goodrich and the music is furnished by Drinkwater's orchestra.
The Lewiston Daily Sun
Lewiston, Maine
August 18, 1904
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Sabattus, a post-village of Androscoggin co., Me., on the Maine Central R., 4 miles N. of South Lewiston. It is on a fine lake (Sabattus Pond) and has woolen-mills. Pop. about 500.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906
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News  1911 - Lake View Park Bathers
SABATIS, Me. - Frank Lombard who has done so much toward making Lake View Park a pleasant spot, is now building a bath house for the benefit of those who may care to take advantage of the fine bathing on the sandy beach near the park. He has several bathing suits ordered, and it is hoped that this...Read MORE...

Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  Archie L Bubier (13 February 1892, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - aft. 1952, )

flag  George David Dodson (8 November 1886, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 11 June 1963, Oswego, New York, USA)

flag  Amber L Jones (12 June 1888, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 17 December 1958, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard)) gravestone
flag  Roxanna Jones (17 April 1793, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 10 November 1842, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Wilma Orvilla Jones (3 October 1897, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 18 November 1991, Westbrook, Maine, USA (Saccarappa) (Cumberland Mills)) gravestone

flag  Charles E Libby (7 May 1834, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - bef. 1910, )
flag  Elbridge G Libby (16 January 1825, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 8 June 1910, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Elisabeth Jane Libby (2 April 1816, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 24 August 1885, ) gravestone
flag  Rufus Libby (30 July 1817, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 21 November 1843, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Ruth J Libby ( 21 January 1813, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - , )
flag  Samuel Libby (2 September 1828, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - aft. 1910, )

Ancestors Who Died Here

flag  Martha Vaughn Getchell (3 September 1820, Litchfield, Maine, USA - 17 February 1901, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone

flag  Orville R Jones (April 1863, , Maine, USA - 19 December 1937, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Roxanna Jones (17 April 1793, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 10 November 1842, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone

flag  Elbridge G Libby (16 January 1825, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 8 June 1910, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Rufus Libby (30 July 1817, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster) - 21 November 1843, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Rufus King Libby (30 September 1788, Scarborough, Maine, USA (Scarboro) - 7 May 1867, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone

flag  Frank E Spofford (27 July 1852, Greene, Maine, USA - 22 March 1911, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster))

US Civil War Soldiers flag  Elias Howard Wadsworth (19 August 1820, Litchfield, Maine, USA - 10 July 1893, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)) gravestone
flag  Lucy Ellen Wadsworth (12 December 1847, Monmouth, Maine, USA - 11 August 1919, Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster))

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Rufus King Libby (30 September 1788 - 7 May 1867) & Roxanna Jones (17 April 1793 - 10 November 1842)
married 17 November 1812

Charles E Libby (7 May 1834 - bef. 1910) & Sarah Elizabeth Colby (abt. 1824 - )
married 28 May 1859

Henry Augustus Annis (26 March 1850 - 27 January 1932) & Roxanna Elbridge Libby (11 October 1850 - 24 June 1912)
married 14 January 1871

John S Tapley (October 1846 - bef. 1933) & Angie Theresa Pease (27 June 1860 - 4 May 1940)
married 28 February 1891

Cemeteries in Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster)

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