Meriden, Connecticut, USA - Colony Street, Meriden, Conn.
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

Colony Street, Meriden, Conn.

Meriden, Connecticut, USA - City Hospital, Meriden, Conn.
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

City Hospital, Meriden, Conn.

Meriden, Connecticut, USA - Colony Street (1907)
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

Colony Street (1907)

Meriden, Connecticut, USA - Elm St. from Silver St., Meriden, Conn. (1910)
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

Elm St. from Silver St., Meriden, Conn. (1910)

Meriden, Connecticut, USA - First Congregational Church
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

First Congregational Church

Meriden, Connecticut, USA - Library Square
Meriden, Connecticut, USA

Library Square

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Meriden, Connecticut, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Meriden, Connecticut, USA? 

Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Over 300 years have passed since 1661 when Jonathan Gilbert was granted a land settlement for a farm near Cold Spring in what later became the City of Meriden...

In the 1600s and 1700s Meriden was a rural or suburban sector of the town of Wallingford. Situated halfway between the Connecticut Colony on the north (Hartford - Wethersfield) and the New Haven Colony on the south, it became a stopping place for colonists who traveled by horse or by foot. Belcher Tavern was one of its well known resting places. At that time, wolves still roamed the woods in the north of town. The first wagon did not make its appearance here until 1789... About/ History_of_Meriden/

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"About 1661, Jonathan Gilbert, pioneer, came down from northward and acquired, by virtue of purchase from the Indians, a large tract - practically the whole of the upper part of Meriden - which he called Meriden Farm."

A Modern History of New Haven and Eastern New Haven County, Volume 1 By Everett Gleason Hill
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1806 - (Meriden, CT) - Formerly known as North Farms, the area was incorporated as a town from parts of Wallingford in 1806. towns-page/ meriden/
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1819 - Meriden
Meriden is a small post town, situated in the northern section of the county, 17 miles from Hartford, and about the same from New-Haven; bounded on the N. by Berlin, in Hartford county, on the east by Middletown, on the south by Wallingford and on the west by Cheshire and Southington. Its average...Read MORE...

1867 - Meriden, CT became a city towns-page/ meriden/
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News  1870 - Fire
In Meriden, Ct., on the 15th, at a fire in Wilcox & Co.'s mill, EDGAR C. FENEYAK was killed and two other firemen injured.
The New Hampshire Patriot
Concord, New Hampshire
April 20, 1870
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News  1888 - Fire
The barns of the horse railroad company at Meriden, Conn., were burned Tuesday night. Fourteen cars were consumed and eighty horses perished in the flames.

The Inter Ocean
Chicago, Illinois
January 12, 1888
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News  1889 - Breaking of a Dam
Seventy-Five Acres of Water, Ten Feet Deep, Above Meriden, Conn., Released.
MERIDEN, Conn., Aug. 6. - Garlick's dam, holding back seventy-five acres of water ten feet deep, two miles above Meriden, broke this morning at four o'clock and allowed a torrent of water to sweep through a wild valley to...Read MORE...

News  1890 - A Train Goes Over a High Bank
MERIDEN, Conn., Nov. 21. - Train No. 2 on the Meriden, Waterbury and Connecticut railroad met with a serious accident at the Southington road trestle, six miles west of here, this morning. The train was a freight, and when midway on the trestle the brake beam of one of the coal cars dropped to the...Read MORE...

News  1897 - Thrown From His Wagon and Killed
Meriden, Conn., June 3. - Laughlin Stretch, employed by W. C. Twiss, lumber dealer, was killed in a runaway accident. Stretch was driving down a hill when lumber slipped upon the horse's hind quarters and caused the animal to run. Stretch was thrown out and his skull fractured.
Lebanon Daily News
Lebanon, Pennsylvania
June 3, 1897
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News  1903 - Silver Workers Make Demands
Meriden, Conn., Sept. 30. - A demand for a nine hour day with ten hours' pay has been presented at all the factories of the International Silver company in this city and elsewhere, and it is understood that a similar demand has been made or will be made on every silver shop in the United States and ...Read MORE...

Meriden, Conn., Feb. 15. - For eight hours Sunday firemen fought a fire which finally caused the complete destruction of the town hall and injuries to six men of the fire department. The loss is about $130,000, of which amount about $125,000 falls upon the town. The fire caught, it is believed,...Read MORE...

Meriden, a city of New Haven co., Conn., in Meriden township (town), on the New York, New Haven and Hartford R., 18 miles S. by W. of Hartford. The city, sometimes known as the "Silver City," is situated partly in a valley and partly on a hill and is one of the most enterprising of New England's...Read MORE...

News  1906 - Train Wreck
MERIDEN, Conn., Nov. 29.- Two light coupled engines, north-bound from New Haven on the main line of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, crashed into a stalled freight train above Yalesville this morning, demolishing the caboose, two box cars, and one flat car, which was laden with oil...Read MORE...

News  1912 - Acid in Holy Water Fatal
Woman Found in Confessional Box at Meriden (Conn.) With Fatal Draught Near.

Meriden, Conn., July 22. - The body of Miss Cora Dessureau, 30 years old, daughter of Joseph A. Dessureau, was found by the caretaker in a confessional box at St. Joseph's church. There was a glass near her containing...Read MORE...

News  1913 - SCARE ON NEW HAVEN ENGINE JUMPS TRACK - Cars Enveloped in Steam, but Passengers Escape Injury - Driving Rods Broke.
Special to The New York Times.

MERIDEN, Conn., July 18. - The eastbound express train on the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, which left New York at 5 o'clock this afternoon, was wrecked a mile west of Meriden at 7:10 o'clock to-night, when the big Pacific type locomotive left the rails...Read MORE...

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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Carl "Charles" Theodore Blessing (9 November 1861 - 26 March 1927) & Frances Mary (Fannie) Mesick (August 1860 - May 1931)
married 23 July 1880

Martin Andrew Egan (10 August 1883 - 13 August 1966) & Eva S Monahan (July 1887 - 24 July 1952)
married 25 October 1911

Robert Max Greiner (11 September 1887 - 8 September 1955) & Anna M Monahan (21 January 1891 - 20 October 1966)
married 18 October 1916

William Doric Dubois (15 March 1895 - 2 June 1987) & Beatrice Contance LeHerissier (2 September 1900 - 6 November 1968)
married 28 June 1919

Robert E Spears (09 June 1915 - 18 September 1985) & Eleanor M Egan (07 September 1918 - 22 December 1987)
married 13 December 1941

Howard Edward Blessing (3 September 1919 - 8 April 2009 ) & Frances Ann Koncki (2 February 1923 - 3 April 2000)
married 10 November 1945

John Nicholson (6 March 1918 - 4 February 1988) & Jane St Cyr (26 May 1922 - 21 February 1986)
married 7 June 1947

Denis P Stagon (11 August 1947 - 12 July 1979) & Lynne S Otwell (24 August 1950 - 9 July 2009)
married 26 July 1974

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