Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA - From R. R. Bridge, Tiverton, R. I.
Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
From R. R. Bridge, Tiverton, R. I.

Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA - From Hummock, Tiverton, R. I.
Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
From Hummock, Tiverton, R. I.

Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA - Hen Island (1910)
Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Hen Island (1910)

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Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA?  Tiverton, Rhode Island once belonged to Massachusetts. It was annexed to Rhode Island in 1746.

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History / News

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1819 - Tiverton
Tiverton is a post town, the most extensive in the county, situated in the southeastern section of the State, 24 miles southeast of Providence, and about 13 northeast of Newport; bounded on the north and east by the State of Massachusetts, on the south by Little-Compton, and on the wast by the eastern passage of the Naragansett bay and Mount Hope bay.

The township is more than eight miles in length, from north to south, and about 5 miles in breadth, from east to west, comprising 42 square mil... Read MORE...

News 1833 - Horrid Outrage and Murder
Some time, in December last, a young female named Sarah M. Cornell, was found dead, hanging by the neck by means of a small cord fastened to a stake in a fence enclosing a stock of hay, in Tiverton, Rhode Island. She belonged to Woodstock, Conn. and she had resided in Bristol a short time. The Rev. E. K. Avery, of Bristol, had been arrested on suspicion of being the murderer, and was undergoing an examination at Bristol. Very strong circumstantial evidence had been adduced against him, and not a... Read MORE...

1834 - Tiverton vs. Fall River
The inhabitants of Fall River, Mass. and Tiverton, R. I. it appears are in a bit of a quarrel. A portion of the line between Massachusetts and Rhode Island, happens to run along within a clever stone's throw of the most populous part of Fall River, which town it also divides from Tiverton. The good people of Factory village refuse to license dram shops, while their Tiverton neighbors, agreeably to Rhode Island laws, license all applicants, either for the sale of rum or lottery tickets. The exist... Read MORE...

1835 - Tiverton vs. Fall River
A new survey of the line between the town of Fall River, in this State, and Tiverton, in Rhode Island, places the boundary line much further south than it has heretofore been supposed to be; so far, at least, as to include the whole of the village at Fall River in this State.
New Bedford Gazette
New Bedford, Massachusetts
February 23, 1835

News 1838 - Another Factory Burnt
The main building of the Tiverton Print Works, at Tiverton, (R. I.) was consumed by fire on the night of the 4th inst., with part of its contents. $10,000 was insured at the American office, Providence; $2000 at Aetna office, in Hartford; $8500 Hartford ditto; and $7000 by the Washington office of Providence. It is said the whole loss will not exceed $15,000.
The Sun
Baltimore, Maryland
October 8, 1838

News 1844 - Supposed Murder
Gideon Manchester, of Tiverton, R. I., has been committed to take his trial for the murder of his wife, she having unaccountably disappeared in the month of August last, and no trace of her having been discovered since that time, when she left her mother's house to meet her husband.
The Sun
Baltimore, Maryland
July 25, 1844

News 1862 - Brothers Drown
Two young men, brothers, by the name of Wilcox, belonging in Tiverton, while crossing the river in a leaky old boat, from Rhode Island to Tiverton, at a late hour Saturday night, the 26th ult., were drowned.
Barre Gazette
Barre, Massachusetts
May 16, 1862

News 1882 - Many Fish
The catch of menhaden by boats of Tiverton, R. I., for the season of 1882, was 141,000 barrels. The menhaden fish have been on the coast in unusually large quantities since the 1st of July, and had the weather been suitable for fishing since the 1st of October the catch would have been very large.
The Coffeyville Weekly Journal
Coffeyville, Kansas
December 9, 1882

News 1883 - NEWPORT, July 16. - A rumor reached here this morning that the steamer Lottie E. Merrill, of Tiverton, R. I., was lost off George's Bank, with all on board.
The Independent Record
Helena, Montana
July 17, 1883

News 1889 - Tarred by White Caps
Fall River, Mass., Jan 24. - "Sim" Sherman has been boarding at the house of Clark King on what is known as the King road, near Bliss' Four Corners, Tiverton, R. I. The attentions of Sherman to Mrs. King excited comment by the neighbors, and they, to the number of twenty, went to the King house supplied with coal tar. They invited Sherman, who had been previously notified to leave town, to come outside. When he accepted the invitation he was taken in charge by the mob, his head face and hands co... Read MORE...

News 1894 - All the members of the school board in Tiverton, R. I., are women; and the superintendent says the schools of that town are the best conducted in the state.
Fayette County Leader
Fayette, Iowa
August 23, 1894

News 1900 - David Hambly’s Fate at Tiverton. HIS BOAT CAPSIZED.
Fall River, Mass., June 28.— News reached here today of a drowning accident which occurred in Tiverton last evening. David Hambly, a prominent citizen of that town, while sailing in his catboat, was precipitated into the water near the Tiverton bridge by the capsizing of his craft. Hambly struck out for the shore, but collapsed when a few feet from land. All efforts at resuscitation were of no avail. He will be buried in New Bedford.
Boston Journal
Boston, Massachusetts
June 29, 1900

News 1902 - GHASTLY FIND MADE AT TIVERTON, R. I. - Tide Draws Veil from 50-Year-Old Mystery - Skeleton Found on Beach
Remains Believed to Be Those of Mrs. Gideon Manchester, Who Disappeared 50 Years ago and Who Was Believed to Have Been Murdered.

Tiverton, R. I., April 3. - A mysterious disappearance and suspected murder of half a century ago are recalled by the discovery of a human skeleton in a crude white cedar box which the wind and tide exposed this week on the shore of Island Park.

The body is believed to be that of Mrs. Gideon Manchester, who disappeared 50 years ago and was never heard from therea... Read MORE...

Tiverton, a post-village of Newport co., R.I., in Tiverton township (town), on the E. shore of Narragansett Bay, 13 miles NNE. of Newport, on the New York, New Haven and Hartford R. It has oyster- and other industries. Pop. of the town in 1900, 2977 ; of the village, about 1700.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906

Severed Legs of A Woman in a Dress Suit Case
It Was Found Among Some Bushes in an Outlying Section of Tiverton, R. I.
Tiverton, R. I., Oct. 12. - The finding of the severed legs of a woman in a dress suit case among some bushes in an outlying section of this town has brought to light what the authorities are convinced is a case of murder. The discovery of a New Bedford newspaper of October 10 with the portions of the limbs is regarded as the most important clue thus far obtained, indicating po... Read MORE...

News 1913 - METEOR FALLS IN RIVER. Shock of Its Explosion Breaks Windows in Tiverton, R. I.
FALL RIVER, Mass., Aug. 28. - A meteor fell into the Seaconnett River near Tiverton, R. I., last night, churning up the water and producing and explosion that sounded like the discharge of a twelve-inch gun. The phenomenon occurred during a electrical storm.

The explosion was heard for a distance of twenty miles. In the immediate vicinity windows were broken and crockery shaken from shelves, while at Island Park, nearly two miles away, a merry-go-round was jarred into motion.

Persons who s...

Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

We currently have information about 124 ancestors who were born and/or died in Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA.  View Them Now

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

William Almy (27 October 1665 - 6 July 1747) & Deborah Cook (15 February 1669 - )
married 12 July 1688

Josiah Stafford (Stover) (abt. 1661 - 9 April 1743) & Sarah Lake (10 May 1678 - 10 May 1754)
married 1698

Job Almy (28 April 1696 - 27 July 1777) & Lydia Tillinghast (8 July 1700 - 30 December 1774)
married 18 July 1717

John Mosher (12 March 1703 - 19 January 1782) & Hannah Davol (13 March 1712 - 5 November 1776)
married 20 January 1731

John Coggeshall (26 May 1717 - ) & Amy Dwelley (abt. 1719 - )
married 28 December 1739

John Almy (18 April 1720 - 14 May 1808 ) & Hannah Cook (1 April 1738 - 25 October 1765)
married 1758

Paul Mosher (15 June 1740 - 1821-1827) & Martha Wood (21 August 1743 - )
married 27 October 1765

John Coggeshall (abt. 1743 - ) & Elizabeth Stafford (17 June 1754 - )
married 1 October 1774

George Durfee (11 September 1772 - 12 November 1854) & Sarah Coggeshall (18 August 1774 - 31 August 1859)
married 1793

Gideon Gifford Durfee (28 December 1800 - 31 May 1882) & Pamelia Francis (28 November 1807 - 9 April 1851)
married 8 January 1827

Abner Coggeshall (9 September 1792 - 14 June 1864) & Elizabeth Albert (2 July 1811 - 21 November 1898)
married 4 January 1841

Gideon W Manchester (28 May 1821 - 27 May 1906) & Phebe Ann Palmer? ( - August 1843)
married 3 February 1843

Gideon Gifford Durfee (28 December 1800 - 31 May 1882) & Rhoda Manchester (1816 - 15 August 1884)
married 7 October 1855

Joseph G Wilbur (1830 - ) & Caroline Coggeshall (13 October 1837 - 11 April 1922)
married 04 October 1868

Cemeteries in Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island, USA

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My family has the following information recorded:

William Brightman - b 1685 Portsmouth, RI
parents - Henry & Joan (James) Brightman
d 1721 Tiverton, RH
m Jan 22, 1708 Washinton Co
Mercy Spurr - b 1680 Dorchester, MA
d 1721 Tiverton, RI

Please contact me after reviewing the above.

Idamae Wave (Brightman) Picheco

I have plans to come to Rhode Island in August of this year.

3/30/2011 5:47:39 PM -


I bought a small (high school???)autograph book from Tiverton, RI dated 1926.

The initials BMCD are written after the signatures of most students.

Just curious what BMCD might stand for, would appreciate a reply, if you know the answer.

Thank You - Anne M. Hamel, Melbourne Beach, FL


11/14/2011 6:42:44 PM -

Wait, not so fast! The Atlanta Constitution of Sept 9, 1913 reported:

Tiverton "Meteor" Proves to be Fake

Tiverton R.I. September 8 - The Tiverton meteor of August 27 was today removed from the realm of natural phenomena by two young men who confessed to the police that the supposed celestial meteor was composed of sixty pounds of dynamite and a quantity of copper slag.

The meteor which was reported to have fallen in the Seaconnet river was accompanied by a blinding light and a deafening crash. Two fishermen later found in the nets a heavy piece of metal, which was declared to be the fallen "meteor."

The fishermen put their find on exhibition and did a profitable business until a Brown University geologist pronounced the meteor nothing but copper slag, found in quantities near a local manufacturing plant.

The police closed the exhibition and began an investigation which resulted in the confession of two young men that with some companions, they had taken the dynamite and exploded it behind Gould's Island in order to cause a sensation.

3/4/2013 6:04:02 PM -

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