Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro) - Bird's-Eye View, North from Mt. Wantastiquet, Brattleboro, Vt.
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro)

Bird's-Eye View, North from Mt. Wantastiquet, Brattleboro, Vt.

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro) - Brattleboro, Vermont
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro)

Brattleboro, Vermont

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro) - Soldier's Monument and Band Stand. Brattleboro, VT.
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro)

Soldier's Monument and Band Stand. Brattleboro, VT.

Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro) - The Mrs. G. W. Hooker residence, Brattleboro, Vt.
Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro)

The Mrs. G. W. Hooker residence, Brattleboro, Vt.

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Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro)
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Brattleboro, Vermont, USA? 

Brattleboro, Windham, Vermont, USA
Brattleboro, originally Brattleborough, is a town in Windham County, Vermont, United States, located in the southeast corner of the state, along the state line with New Hampshire. The population was 12,005 at the 2000 census. It is situated along the Connecticut River, at the mouth of the West River.

Brattleboro is the oldest town in the state.

West Brattleboro is a census-designated place (CDP) in the town of Brattleboro, Vermont, United States.Wikipedia

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History / News

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News  1842 - Inmates Publish Newspaper
The inmates of the Insane Asylum at Brattleboro, Vermont, have commenced the publication of a weekly newspaper, called the Asylum Journal. - They have got out a 'crazy man's ticket' - the candidates selected, are from each of the great political parties. The Journal says, 'if we can unite the crazy ...Read MORE...

1846 - First postage stamp used in America was made in Brattleboro in 1846. resources/ state-facts/ vermont.html
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1849 Brattleborough
Windham Co. The surface of the tOwvn is considerably broken. A little west of the centre are two elevations called Great and Little Round Mountain. They are both accessible, and most of the land capable of cultivation. The soil is similar to that generally found along the Connecticut, consisting of ...Read MORE...

News  1868 - A cow in West Brattleboro, Vt., recently lost a large portion of her tongue by it being bitten off by a horse standing in an adjoining stall.
The cow was accustomed to steal the hay of her neighbor, who showed his resentment by depriving the culprit of the "unruly member."
St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
February 1, 1868
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News  1871 - Advertised His Wife
A Brattleboro, Vermont, husband who had posted his wife took it all back. 'Having advertised my wife last week while under the influence of intoxicating drink and advice of others, I hereby give notice that said advertisement was without just cause or provocation, and is hereby retracted.'
Cincinnati Daily Enquirer
Cincinnati, Ohio
August 4, 1871
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News  1873 - Paper Swindle
At the convention of manufacturers of thin manilla paper, held at Brattleboro, Vermont, a nice little swindle was talked over and condemned. It originated in a discussion upon the practice of putting up paper with a less number than twenty-four sheets to the quire. It was found that quite a large...Read MORE...

BRATTLEBOROUGH, Vt., Aug. 18. - An accident occurred on the narrow gauge railroad here to-night, in which the engineer of a train and one passenger were killed and seven other passengers were seriously injured. The scene of the accident was one mile from the village, at the mouth of West River,...Read MORE...

News  1910 - BRATTLEBORO. Fire on Wantastiquet Mountain.
A fire which started Saturday on Wantastiquet mountain, just across the Connecticut river from Brattleboro, raged all day yesterday and it is not probable that it can be stopped until it has burned itself out. The leaves and undergrowth are very dry and after the fire once got headway it was...Read MORE...

Brattleboro, a post-village of Windham co., Vt., in Brattleboro township (town), on the Connecticut River, about 1 mile below the mouth of the West River, and on the Central Vermont and the Boston and Maine Rs., 77 miles SSE. of Rutland. It is charmingly situated in the centre of the maple-sugar...Read MORE...

News  1920 BRIDGE SWEPT AWAY, ONE MAN DROWNED - Flood Carries Iron Structure Down Stream at Brattleboro, Vt.
BRATTLEBORO, Vt., March 28. - The iron suspension bridge crossing the Connecticut River in this town was swept away by the swift current tonight.

Cornelius Flanagan, an aged resident of the town, who was crossing, went down with the bridge. The structure was about 300 feet in length.

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 29, 1920
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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Isaac Bumpas (Bumpus) (Bump) (1 June 1739 - 1 June 1819) & Kasiah Chappell (abt. 1737 - 23 July 1813)
married abt. 1771

Hezekiah Salisbury (17 May 1754 - 27 May 1833) & Hannah Woodward (1759 - 15 April 1813)
married 2 August 1781

Jacob Stoddard (27 May 1761 - 12 February 1817) & Mary Molly Salisbury (6 April 1770 - 14 September 1850)
married 24 December 1789

James Salisbury (11 November 1764 - 29 MAY 1839) & Mary (Molly) Stoddard (29 August 1779 - 24 April 1854)
married 6 March 1800
Benjamin Fessenden (26 August 1774 - 6 May 1863) & Elizabeth Salisbury (9 December 1772 - 27 March 1864)
married 23 October 1800

Alvin Stoddard (16 July 1790 - 10 March 1849) & Lurena Hall ( - )
married 3 March 1813

Hezekiah Salisbury (17 May 1754 - 27 May 1833) & Margaret MIghels (18 September 1752 - 27 December 1816)
married 30 September 1814

Albert Bennett (13 February 1803 - 27 October 1875) & Mary E Salisbury (18 July 1802 - 26 April 1864)
married 3 March 1825

Edgar Palmer Gillett (1829 - 1857) & Mary Elizabeth Bennett (4 March 1830 - 22 March 1856)
married 10 October 1852

David Dubach (15 January 1826 - 10 December 1897) & Emmaline Wells Bennett (28 December 1828 - 22 January 1896)
married 12 December 1855

Simeon Salisbury Bennett (16 September 1832 - 18 January 1895) & Lucy Orinda Carpenter (6 March 1841 - 29 July 1895)
married 19 March 1859

Guy Forrest Harwood (2 January 1881 - 2 March 1962) & Iva Adelaide Waterman (20 August 1879 - 24 June 1945)
married 01 July 1899

Charles Victor Grant (abt. 1881 - ) & Ida May Robb (17 January 1887 - )
married 2 October 1907

Edward Warren Crouss (9 November 1920 - 23 August 1986) & Doris Anne White (26 August 1925 - 03 January 1996)
married 23 August 1941
Guy Donovan Harwood (21 July 1906 - 14 January 1985) & Ruth Mary Crossin (8 December 1915 - 21 July 1994)
married 01 March 1941

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