Sorel, Québec, Canada - Église de Saint-Pierre
170, rue George, Sorel-Tracy, QUÉBEC
Established 1670
Source: Google maps
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Église de Saint-Pierre
170, rue George, Sorel-Tracy, QUÉBEC
Established 1670
Source: Google maps

Sorel, Québec, Canada - Marche Richelieu, Sorel, Que.
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Marche Richelieu, Sorel, Que.

Sorel, Québec, Canada - Hotel Saurel, Sorel, P.Q.
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Hotel Saurel, Sorel, P.Q.

Sorel, Québec, Canada - Rue du-Roi, Sorel, Que
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Rue du-Roi, Sorel, Que

Sorel, Québec, Canada - Hotel Carleton, Sorel, P. Q.
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Hotel Carleton, Sorel, P. Q.

Sorel, Québec, Canada - Port de Sorel - The Harbour, Sorel, P. Q.
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Port de Sorel - The Harbour, Sorel, P. Q.

Sorel, Québec, Canada - Found on monument in Sorel, Quebec
Sorel, Québec, Canada

Found on monument in Sorel, Quebec
"On the occasion of the 325th anniversary of the Francois Pelloquin's birth about 1664 at Niort, France - the ancestor of all Peloquin's in the Americas"

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Sorel, Québec, Canada
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Sorel, Québec, Canada? 

Sorel-Tracy is a city in southwestern Quebec, Canada at the confluence of the Richelieu River and the St. Lawrence River, on the western edge of Lac Saint-Pierre. The mayor is Marcel Robert. It is the seat of the Regional County Municipality of Le Bas-Richelieu. The city is the result of the amalgamation of several communities, including Sorel, Tracy, and Saint-Pierre-de-Sorel. A year-round ferry operates on the St. Lawrence River between Sorel-Tracy and Saint-Ignace-De-Loyola on the way to Berthierville.

Sorel-Tracy is within 75 kilometers (47 mi) of both Montreal and Trois-Rivières, and is easily accessible via Autoroute 30 from the west and via Route 132 from the east and west. Autoroute 30 stops at Sorel and picks up again at Bécancour, leaving an incomplete segment in between.wikipedia

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On June 19, 1610, a confrontation with the Mohawks at Sorel resulted in a victory for the French and their allies.
In just two years, Samuel de Champlain had accomplished a great deal. Quebec was founded, the First Nations (Huron, Algonquin and Montagnais) alliance was consolidated, and the St. Lawrence Valley was secured (keeping out the Iroquois). These were all conditions that would favor the fur trade and...Read MORE...

1642 - August 13, 1642 - Charles de Montmagny builds Fort Richelieu with 100 men; on present day site of Sorel; leaves garrison of 40 soldiers to protect habitants from Iroquois todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ August_13
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1665 - June 30 - Engineer Henri de Salières arrives in New France with the Carignan-Salières Regiment, 100 officers and 1,000 men; begins forts at Sorel, St-Louis, Ste-Thérèse, Ste-Anne and St-Jean. todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ June_30
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1670 - Église de Saint-Pierre established at Sorel
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1670 - The mission Sorel de la Province de Quebec is established this year. public/ dgarneau/ french21.htm
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1672 - Seigneury of Sorel
Pierre de Saurel de Sorel and wife Jeanne de Giraud is granted the seigneury of Sorel, Quebec. Sorel is at the mouth of the River Richelieu 88 km northeast Ville-Marie (Montreal) on the St. Lawrence River. In 1787 it was renamed William Henry but again renamed Sorel in 1860. A mission was...Read MORE...

1698 - October 14 - New France census shows: Sorel with 59 inhabitants todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ October_14
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1760 - August 21, 1760 - French & Indian War - Brigadier General James Murray puts the village of Sorel to the torch. todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ August_21
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News  1781 - It is in Sorel that the Christmas tree made its first appearance in North America on Christmas Eve in 1781
The baroness Frederika von Riedesel hosted a party of British and German officers in "la maison des gouverneurs". The sensation of the evening was a fir tree in the corner of the dining room, its branches decorated with fruits and lit with candles. The baroness was determined to mark their return...Read MORE...

1785 - December 25 - Christ Church opens at Sorel; oldest Anglican church in Québec todayincanadianhistory/ index.php/ December_25
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Ville de Sorel - Quebec

Ville de Sorel - Quebec (

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1832 - SOREL or SAUREL,
seigniory, in the co. of Richelieu, is bounded N. and N.E. by the South Channel of the St. Lawrence and the Bay of Yamaska; S.W. by St. Ours; S. and S.E. by Bourchemin, Bourg-marie West, and Bonsecours; N.W. by the St. Lawrence. - 2 1/ 2 leagues in front, viz. 1 1/ 2 league above the R. Richelieu by...Read MORE...

News  1839 - Melancholy Accident
A Melancholy Accident occurred at Sorel, Canada on the 24th ult., by which a mother was deprived of life by the agency of her child of about three years of age. It appears that the child had been allowed to make a plaything of a pistol, which belonged to its father, John Callagher, who had on the...Read MORE...

News  1848 - Great Fire at Sorel, In Canada
There were seventy-five houses destroyed by fire at Sorel, Canada, on Saturday, the 24th inst., including the stores of Messrs. Fowler and the Union Hotel, &c.
Milwaukee Sentinel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
July 7, 1848
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SOREL, or William Henry, a town of Lower Canada, pleasantly situated at the confluence of the Richelieu, and the Chambly or Sorel, with the St. Lawrence, about 45 m. above Montreal. It stands on the site of a fort built in 1665, as defence against the incursions of the Indians, and which received...Read MORE...

News  1861 - Canadian "Matres-Familias."
A venerable French-Canadian lady, Mrs. Genevieve Lemoine, died lately at Sorel, Lower Canada, at the good old ages of 92 years. She left, to mourn her loss, a rather numerous family; for she was the mother of 16 children, the grand-mother of 146, the great-grand-mother of 163, and the...Read MORE...

SOREL or WILLIAM HENRY, an incorporated town of Quebec, capital of the co. of Richelieu, on the right bank of the River Richelieu, at its mouth in Lake St. Peter, 45 miles N.E. of Montreal, 33 miles from St. Hilaire. It occupies the site of a fort built in 1665 by M. de Tracy, a French officer, and ...Read MORE...

1874 - Small-pox is raging at Sorel, Quebec, in the most virulent form.

The New York Times
New York, New York
December 19, 1874
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Frightful Casualty in Canada - Eleven Persons Killed and Twenty-five Wounded.

SOREL, Quebec, September 29 - About 7 o'clock last night a train coming from Yamaska run over an obstruction supposed to have been maliciously placed across the track. Six platform cars, upon which there were about...Read MORE...

News  1882 - Home For Medical Care
A lumberman broke his leg in the Wisconsin woods, and desired to go to his home at Sorel, Canada, where he could receive good treatment. But Sorel was a thousand miles away, and he had only a few dollars. In this dilemma he resolved to travel cheaply as freight. He made a box six feet long, two...Read MORE...

News  1883 - All Trains Suspended
C. N. Armstrong, ex-President of the Montreal and Sorel Railway Company, owing to some disagreement with the Southeastern railroad, took possession of the Montreal and Sorel road during the night. All trains have been withdrawn and traffic will be suspended until some arrangements can be made.
The Courier-Journal
Louisville, Kentucky
July 5, 1883
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1888 - Death of a Prominent Canadian
SOREL, Que., Nov. 24. - Chief Justice Armstrong, chairman of the Labor Commission, while walking on the street here yesterday afternoon, fell dead from apoplexy. He was sixty-eight years of age and had resided over ten years on the island of St. Lucy, West Indies, as Chief Justice. He was also some ...Read MORE...

News  1888 - Steamer Frozen
The steamer Pomeranian, bound for Liverpool, which grounded at Sorel, attempted to reach Quebec Sunday with the aid of four tugs. Yesterday not only the steamer but the tugs, too, were frozen in solid. The Pomeranian will not get through this season. Her bows are badly cut by the ice, and the...Read MORE...

1895 - Likely to be Forbidden Soon
(Special to the Journal)
Sorel, March 11. - Rev. Father Barnard read a mandement from Monseignor Morin, bishop of St. Hyacinthe, warning Catholics against entering the Independent Order of Foresters as an order likely to be forbidden ere long.

The Ottawa Journal
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
March 11, 1895
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1899 - The Brunswick Hotel at Sorel, Quebec, was destroyed by fire, the loss being $75,000. The guests and employes had narrow escapes.

The Monroeville Breeze
Monroeville, Indiana
March 16, 1899
Added: 2/6/2014 8:49:33 AM - 1  Updated: 6/4/2015 11:17:23 AM - 1

Sorel, a city and port of Quebec, capital of the co. of Richelieu, on the right bank of the river Richelieu, at its mouth in Lake St. Peter and on the Quebec Southern R., 45 miles NE. of Montreal. It has large ship-building industries and manufactures of foundry products, agricultural implements,...Read MORE...

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