Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - Église de Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs
322, rue Principale, Grenville, QUÉBEC
Established 1839
Source: Google maps
Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf)

Église de Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs
322, rue Principale, Grenville, QUÉBEC
Established 1839
Source: Google maps


Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - Falls of the Portneuf River ( Quebec ) 1860
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. R9266-406 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana 
Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf)

Falls of the Portneuf River ( Quebec ) 1860
Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. R9266-406 Peter Winkworth Collection of Canadiana


Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - Railway Bridge, 1926
Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf)

Railway Bridge, 1926

Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - Hotel Motel Claire Fontaine
Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf)

Hotel Motel Claire Fontaine

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Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf)
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Portneuf, Québec, Canada? 

Portneuf is a county regional municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec. The county seat is Cap-Santé, Quebec. It is located at Latitude of 47°00' North and Longitude of 72°00' West. Portneuf has a paper mill called MPI Paper Mills of Portneuf.

PORTNEUF, a settlement of Canada, on the St. Lawrence, 20 m. SW of Quebec.

A Gazetteer of the World: Or, Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge, Volume 6
Publisher A. Fullarton, 1859wikipedia

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History / News

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1647 - Barony (Portneuf) granted April 16, 1647 to Sieur de Croisille

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1832 - PORTNEUF,
barony, in the co. of Portneuf, is bounded N.E. by the S. of Jacques Cartier; S.W. by Deschambault; in the rear by Perthuis; in front by the St. Lawrence. - 1 1/ 2 league in breadth by 3 in depth. Granted, April 16, 1647, to Sieur de Croisille; it now belongs to the convent of the Hotel-Dieu at...Read MORE...

News  1850 Canadian Cold
The Quebec Gazette says that at Portneuf, Canada, on Tuesday, the 5th day of Feb. the thermometer went down to 52 degrees below zero, and that during the entire day it was below 40!
February 21, 1850
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1861 - Église de Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs established at Portneuf

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PORTNEUF, a county of Quebec, on the N. shore of the St Lawrence, has an area of 4,643,899 acres. It is watered by the River St, Maurice and numerous small streams Capital. Cap Sauté. Pop 23,216

PORTNEUF, a flourishing post village of Quebec, in the co of Portneuf, situated at the entrance of...Read MORE...

News  1874 - Quebec, August 7. - The inhabitants of Portneuf have been greatly terrified recently by rumblings and earth heavings in that vicinity. Many have left their homes.

Weekly Journal Miner
August 14, 1874
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1885 - Canadian Towns which are Infected
The State Board of Health of Maine announces, that besides Montreal and its suburbs, the following named places in the Province of Quebec are affected with small-pox; Batiscan, Oct. 22, 7 families; Bersenels, below Tadousac, Nov 6, 4 families; Cap St. Ignace, Oct. 29, 50 cases, Chambly, Oct 27, 2...Read MORE...

1895 - Portneuf
PORTNEUF, a county of Quebec, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, has an area of 1,068,800 acres. It is watered by the River St. Maurice and numerous small streams. Capital, Cap Sante. Pop. in 1871, 23,216; in 1891, 25,815.
Crossby, Peter Alfred. Lovell's gazetteer of British North America. (John Lovell & Son)., 1895
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Portneuf, a post-village of Portneuf co., Quebec, at the entrance of the Portneuf River into the river St. Lawrence, 36 miles above Quebec It has paper, saw, and flour-mills, etc. Pop. about 400.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns ... in Every Portion of the Globe Publisher J.B. Lippincott Company, 1906
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Ancestors Who Were Born Here

flag  Marie Anne Antrade (13 March 1669, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - 29 April 1750, Varennes, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Anne-de-Varennes))

flag  Jean Baptiste Laferriere (13 December 1795, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - 12 August 1870, , Québec Province, Canada (Quebec))

Nau (Nault)
flag  Jean Baptiste Nau (Nault) (15 August 1758, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - , )

flag  Joseph Henri Nault (6 June 1716, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - 6 February 1763, Bécancour, Nicolet, Québec, Canada (Nativité-de-Notre-Dame-de-Becancour) (Saint-Edouard-de-Gentilly))

flag  Samuel Piché (19 March 1866, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - , )

flag  Catherine Plante (14 July 1740, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - 9 September 1817, Rouville, QC, Canada)
flag  Louis Joseph Augustin Plante (6 May 1734, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - , )
flag  Pierre Plante (17 February 1729, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - 5 September 1806, Saint-Ours, Québec, Canada (Immaculée-Conception))

Robineau de Becancour
flag  Louise Catherine Robineau de Becancour (15 September 1677, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf) - 10 September 1757, Saint-Sulpice, Québec, Canada)

Ancestors Who Died Here

immigrant flag  Robert Ableson (february, 07, 1802, , England (United Kingdom) - december, 09, 1877, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Marie Jeanne Delage (8 March 1699, Charlesbourg, Québec, Québec, Canada (Bourg Royal) (Saint-Charles-Borromée) - 9 June 1734, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Marie Anne Duclos (1668, Batiscan, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Geneviève-de-Batiscan) (Saint-François-Xavier) - 31 January 1709, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

Frenet (Frenette)
flag  Basilisse Frenet (Frenette) (22 March 1823, Cap-Santé, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-du-Cap-Sante) - 25 October 1868, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Marie Marguerite Frenette (1 June 1794, Cap-Santé, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-du-Cap-Sante) - 14 April 1885, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Marguerite Grandbois (30 August 1794, La-Pérade, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade) - 14 November 1872, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Jean Baptiste Lamothe (26 February 1701, Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 26 May 1778, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Marie Louise Lemaitre (20 February 1669, Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 1 December 1704, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

Loriot (Lauriault)
flag  Pierre Joseph Loriot (Lauriault) (15 March 1705, Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Saint-François-de-Sales) - 20 December 1771, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Augustin Paquin (8 December 1817, Deschambault, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Deschambault) - 22 October 1874, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Adrien Piché (13 May 1791, Cap-Santé, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Famille-du-Cap-Sante) - 27 November 1879, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

flag  Charles Plante (1 September 1721, Grondines, Québec, Canada (Saint-Charles-des-Grondines) - 7 December 1725, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

St-Germain dit Fèche
flag  François St-Germain dit Fèche (3 June 1788, La-Pérade, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade) - 7 April 1850, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf))

Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Jean Catelan (abt. 1643 - 16 November 1712) & Jeanne Carreau (25 January 1659 - 25 October 1730)
married 1675

François Hamelin (abt. 1658 - 19 October 1725) & Madeleine Aubert (1669 - 3 June 1742)
married 27 November 1685

Joseph Samuel Piché (20 May 1842 - 13 March 1912) & Sarah Allard (22 September 1843 - 24 June 1915)
married 24 April 1865

Cemeteries in Portneuf, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-Portneuf)

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