Lewiston, Maine, USA - Lewiston, Me. M.C.R.R. Station
Lewiston, Maine, USA

Lewiston, Me. M.C.R.R. Station

Lewiston, Maine, USA - Lewiston, Me. Entrance Maine State Fair Grounds.
Lewiston, Maine, USA

Lewiston, Me. Entrance Maine State Fair Grounds.

Lewiston, Maine, USA -
Lewiston, Maine, USA


Lewiston, Maine, USA - City Building and De Witt House, Lewiston, Maine
Lewiston, Maine, USA

City Building and De Witt House, Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine, USA - Tacoma Inn, near Lewiston, Me.
Lewiston, Maine, USA

Tacoma Inn, near Lewiston, Me.

Androscoggin's Secret Based on the 1900 murder of Jessie Cobb in Lewiston, Maine. ¡spɹɐʍʞɔɐq puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝuıɐW 'uoʇsıʍǝ˥ pǝuɹnʇ ʎɹoʇs sıɥʇ '006Ɩ uI ISBN-10: 1469932067 ISBN-13: 978-1469932064

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Lewiston, Maine, USA - The Great Department Store
Lewiston, Maine, USA

The Great Department Store

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Lewiston, Maine, USA
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Lewiston, Maine, USA? 

Lewiston, Androscoggin, Maine, USA
The first white settlers in Lewiston, Maine, were Paul Hildreth and his family in 1770. His log cabin was a short distance below the falls near the location of the Continental Mill. Although the cabin burned and his family had to spend the winter in New Gloucester, they returned in the spring. Hildreth operated the first ferry about half a mile below the falls. Several families followed. By the first census in 1790, Lewiston's population was 532 persons. The residents sought incorporation as a town and received their charter February 18, 1795.www.lewistonmaine.gov/ index.aspx?NID=421

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History / News

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1785-88 - Many veterans of the Revolution took up lots in "Lewistin."

Town Register of Wayne, Wales, Monmouth, Leeds & Green, Maine, H.E. Mitchell Co, Brunswick,ME 1905
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History of Lewiston, Maine

History of Lewiston, Maine (www.youtube.com)

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News  1869 - TELEGRAMS. TERRIFIC HURRICANE AT EASTPORT, ME. Great Destruction of Property and Life. THE STORM IN MAINE.
...LEWISTON, Me., Oct.9.---The Evening Journal has a report of a great freshet on Swift River, in Oxford County, showing a rise of thirty-six feet in twelve hours in that stream, which is a tributary of the Androscoggin. The improvements of the Lewiston Steam Mill Company, for lumbering operations, ...Read MORE...

News  1871 - Snapped Like Threads
The Bangor (Me.) Whig reports that, owing to the intense cold, the wires of the Western Union Telegraph line, between that city and Lewiston, were recently broken in nearly fifty places. The wires were put up during the hot weather, last summer, and contracting with the cold, snapped like threads.
St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
January 14, 1871
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1886 - Lewiston
Lewiston is practically the centre of Androscoggin County, and is nearly so geographically. It is situated upon the Androscoggin River, which separates it from Auburn on the west and south. Greene bounds it on the north, Webster and Lisbon on the east. The soil is largely a clay loam, but a...Read MORE...

News  1886 - History of a Pill Box - Found in the Drawer of a Lewiston Sewing Machine
“Hello, what's this!” exclaimed a Lewiston sewing-machine agent, as he picked a pill-box out of the drawer of a sewing-machine, Thursday morning, and unscrewing the lid disclosed a very pretty gold locket. “She didn't happen to open the the box, now did she.” continued he, musing. Finally, when he...Read MORE...

News  1891 - Don't Look
A Lewiston, Maine policeman has had two hotel keepers arrested on a charge of offering him $200 a month not to see anything. The logical inference from this is that the Lewiston policemen come high.
The Wilmington Morning Star
Wilmington, North Carolina
September 1, 1891
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News  1892 - Justice?
James Reiker, who hasn't got a red, has been in jail nearly four years in Lewiston, Maine, for a debt of $117.15, which he couldn't pay. But he has the satisfaction of knowing that under the law of that State it has cost the fellow who sent him there $400. $100 a year, to pay his board.
The Wilmington Morning Star
Wilmington, North Carolina
March 15, 1892
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News  1896 - Bicycles and Business. Hard Times Attributed in Part to the Wheeling Craze.
Now the bicycle is accused of responsibility for a lot of hard times in various lines of business. The theatrical man stands in front of his showhouse and swears as he sees the men and maidens wheeling by. The confectioner stands in his doorway and looks into his window full of unsold candy and...Read MORE...

News  1900 - Wm. Reed's Tragic Death. A Horrible Fatality in a Lewiston Stable Friday Evening.
A Surcharged Incandescent Electric Light Wire Pours Forth Its Fatal Voltage.

The Poor Victim Found in a Pool of Water with the Sparks Playing About Him.

His Hand Burned to a Crisp and His Clothing Ready to Burst into Flame.

William Reed met a sudden and violent death in Lewiston early...Read MORE...

1900 advertisement

Lewiston Journal
Lewiston, Maine
October 1, 1900
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News  1900 - STILL A MYSTERY. Jessie Cobb's Murderer and His Motive Are Not Yet Revealed. LEWISTON POLICE ON THE ALERT. Several of Dead Girls Friends In Sabbattus Interviewed. WHERE IS FRED BROOKS?
The veil which covers the crime connected with the Jessie Cobb case, has not yet been raised. There is no longer any doubt but that it was murder, but now the people are interested to know who the murderer was and the motive for committing the crime. It is quite generally known that Miss Cobb had...Read MORE...

News  1902 - They Held Hands. Rustic Couple From the Country Create a Whole Lot of Amusement on Lewiston Streets.
They were from the country – that – no one who saw the rustic couple would question for a minute. The fellow who was possibly six feet in height, wore high water pants, had long hair, with a sprinkling now and then of the filamentous structures, stooped a trifle, wore a wide rimmed straw hat, had a ...Read MORE...

News  1902 - THE DOMESTIC PROBLEM - Both Sides of the Question Presented by One Who Has Been Mistress and Maid - The Golden Rule If Applied Would Solve the Problem
(Writer for The Sun.)

“Wanted – A capable American house girl.” Such is the tenor of many “want” ads running in the newspapers at this time of year throughout the country. And, indeed all through the year one is met often with the inquiry, “Do you know a good American girl I can get?” As long as ...Read MORE...

1903 - THE ODLIN SLOT MACHINES - Taken from Him by the Deputy Sheriffs Yesterday to Be Destroyed Today.
The ex-city marshal Odlin's got a bunch of nickel-in-the-slot machines at his home on Newman street. These machines were seized by him while he was city marshal. They were initially stored in the Lewiston city building, but as Odlin was nearing completion of his term of office, he removed them to...Read MORE...

1903 - Sheriff Cummings has ordered the U-No beer joints with lunch rooms combined to sell nothing between the hours of twelve Saturday night and twelve Sunday night, save food, coffee or tea.
The proprietors of these places are not allowed to sell a bottle of ginger ale or a glass of Moxie on the Sabbath. They feel that this is a bit severe, but still are inclined to say nothing.

The Lewiston Daily Sun
Lewiston, Maine
Monday morning, March 23, 1903
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News  1903 - WONDERFUL ELECTRICITY. City Hall Has Been Thoroughly Wired and Everything is as Brilliant as Daylight.
The work of wiring City Hall was completed last evening and the lights were turned on for the first time. The large chandelier, in the center of the hall has been removed and a notable improvement made.

The hall was never more thoroughly lighted than last evening when the electrician in charge...Read MORE...

News  1903 - HILL TRAGEDY. The Son is Alive and Resting Comfortably - An Operation Will be Performed. THE OLD FATHER BELIEVED TO HAVE BEEN INSANE.
The Details of the Sad Affair Which Caused a Sensation Yesterday Morning.

A most shocking double tragedy occurred in Barkerville yester-day morning at 6.35, when Daniel W. Hill shot his son and then turned the weapon on himself and sent a bullet crashing through his brain resulting in instant...Read MORE...

News  1904 - Passenger Train Wrecked
Lewiston, Maine, Sept. 27. - Three are dead, nine others seriously injured and some twenty more persons cut and bruised as the result of the wrecking of passenger train No. 24 on the Maine Central railroad, which ran into an open switch, and crashed into a freight train opposite the State fair...Read MORE...

News  1905 - A Lewiston man is breaking his frisky young colt by a novel method.
He mounts his bicycle and leads his colt up and down the street as fast or as slow as he desires.
Lewiston Daily Sun
Lewiston, Maine
May 21, 1905
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1909 - Prisoner Escaped.
During the breakfast hour at the Lewiston police station, Monday, J. J. McKenney, jr., told Officer Tuttle that he wanted to telephone friends to get him out. Mr. Tuttle, who is always obliging, took McKenna into the machine room.

But McKenna didn't stop to telephone. He made a dash thru the...Read MORE...

1911 - May 22 - The temperature at Lewiston ME soared to 101 degrees. It was the hottest temperature ever recorded in New England during the month of May.

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News  1911 - Senator Frye Dies in Maine - Former President Pro Tem. of National Body Passes Away in Old Home
Lewiston, Maine, Aug. 9 - United States Senator William Pierce Frye died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Helen White, here yesterday. Mrs. White and Mrs. Alice Briggs, another daughter, were at his bedside. Although he had been ill a long time, death came suddenly. he was 81 years old...
Harrisburg Telegraph
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
August 9, 1911
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Lewiston, a city of Androscoggin co., Me., is situated on the E. (left) bank of the Androscoggin River, opposite Auburn, 35 miles N. of Portland, and about 30 miles SW. of Augusta. It is on the Maine Central, the Grand Trunk and the Portland and Rumford Falls Rs. The river, here crossed by several...Read MORE...

1936 - Lewiston-New Auburn Bridge Breaks in Two
136 DEAD, 200,000 HOMELESS AND $300,000,000 DAMAGE IN FLOOD
Estimate Eight Thousand Homeless in Maine
Lewiston-New Auburn Bridge Breaks in Two
The Most Important Bridge in Maine Today
Wild Androscoggin Thunders Against The North Bridge
City Without Street Lights Tonight – Lewiston Pumping...

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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Samuel Haley (4 August 1810 - 1 July 1885) & Elisabeth Jane Libby (2 April 1816 - 24 August 1885)
married 21 October 1838

Samuel Libby (2 September 1828 - aft. 1910) & Charlotte M Dill (abt. 1830 - )
married 30 June 1860

Evander W Thomas (17 August 1843 - 21 November 1930) & Octavia Frost ( - )
married 16 March 1868

John A Davis (December 1841 - ) & Mary Louise McFarland (August 1848 - )
married 19 March 1869

Fred A Chase (October 1860 - bet. 1934-1957) & Lillian Furbush (February 1861 - bet. 1934-1957)
married 24 February 1883

Dwight N Bubier (November 1864 - 26 February 1933) & Annie Dodson (April 1870 - 24 December 1951)
married 24 December 1889

Sumner Christopher Erskine (3 November 1878 - October 1960) & Lucy (Louise) Barker (abt. 1883 - bet. 1907-1957)
married 21 June 1902

Matthew W Fahey (January 1853 - 30 July 1925) & Addie M Mutty Karnes (abt. 1854 - 29 March 1914)
married 6 January 1903
Daniel W Hill (10 March 1851 - 9 September 1928) & Mae (Mary) Ella Getchell (11 February 1859 - 21 July 1925)
married 12 December 1903

Edward F Fahey (22 November 1875 - 26 November 1943) & Jessie Evelyn Head (abt. 1887 - 8 February 1910)
married 19 April 1904

Thomas Edward Oates (1887 - ) & Ethel Flora Chase (30 January 1886 - 19 September 1961)
married 28 November 1906

Ivory Cobb (December 1845 - 19 February 1912) & Angie Theresa Pease (27 June 1860 - 4 May 1940)
married 26 October 1907
John E Connors (3 September 1874 - 22 March 1958) & Ella May Fahey (25 February 1886 - 12 December 1938)
married 19 May 1907
Theophile Thomas Malenfant (03 November 1878 - 15 October 1952) & Gertrude Anna McKenna (November 1878 - 11 October 1942)
married 4 February 1907

David Moulton French (26 September 1893 - 13 March 1991) & Nettie Belle McAllister (23 July 1897 - 17 March 1976)
married 31 December 1913

Ralph Herbert Draper (21 January 1892 - 16 July 1967) & Mary E Fahey (2 July 1896 - 23 February 1987)
married 17 April 1915

Silas Ernest Strout (1 November 1884 - 21 January 1937) & Ethel Flora Chase (30 January 1886 - 19 September 1961)
married 28 October 1916

Augustine Fred Boucher (abt. 1900 - 30 March 1940) & Mildred E Robinson (16 January 1903 - 28 December 1991)
married 3 January 1920
Breece C Allen (5 April 1897 - 26 December 1934) & Albina M Mathurin (9 May 1898 - 10 July 1975)
married 17 July 1920

Horace B Evans (1905 - 27 March 1978) & Irene Fahey (18 November 1906 - 30 April 1986)
married 8 May 1926

Basil Gardiner Page (10 July 1910 - ) & Lillian Gertrude Comer (1 October 1907 - 27 December 1994)
married 13 April 1935

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