Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora) - 1848 Aurora, NY
Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)
1848 Aurora, NY

Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora) - Morgan's Store, Aurora, NY. George W. Salisbury was a clerk there before the Civil War
Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)
Morgan's Store, Aurora, NY. George W. Salisbury was a clerk there before the Civil War

Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora) - Aurora - Town of Ledyard, Cayuga, NY map - 1875 - NOTE: L. Salisbury, Mrs. Smith, J.B. Smith, Mrs. Town
Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)
Aurora - Town of Ledyard, Cayuga, NY map - 1875 - NOTE: L. Salisbury, Mrs. Smith, J.B. Smith, Mrs. Town

Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora) - Dining Hall, Wells College - Aurora, New York
Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)
Dining Hall, Wells College - Aurora, New York

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Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)
People, Pictures and News From the Past

Where is Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)?  Town of Ledyard

Ledyard was formed from Scipio January 30th,1823, and derives its name from Gen. Benjamin Ledyard, an early settler in the town.He was an agent and clerk for the apportionment of lands in the Military Tract. The Town of Ledyard lies upon the east shore of Cayuga Lake, which forms its western boundary, south of the center of the County. Its length from north to south is ten miles, and mean width, about five miles. Ledyard is bounded on the north by Springport, from which it is separated about five-sixths of the distance by Great Gully Brook, on the east by Scipio and Venice, and on the South by Genoa.

The surface of the land is beautifully diversified, its landscapes, however, present less of the grand and sublime nature, than of its quiet beauty. The land inclines towards the lake, from which it slopes upward, generally by gentle, but occasionally by steep gradations, until it attains an elevation of 500-600 feet above the lakes level, a little east of the east border. It is difficult to conceive of a more charming prospect than are disclosed by the successive approaches to this summit ridge. The streams are small and rapid, the principal streams being Great Gully, on the north border, and Paines Creek in the south. They flow through a deep, narrow ravine worn in the shale rock.

(Elliot G. Stork's History of Cayuga County-1789-1879) The Village of Aurora is located in the center of the town on the western shore. It is the home of Wells College. The Town of Ledyard is the home of several small industries along the rural Route 90. MacKenzieChilds, LTD., the Aurora Shoe Factory, Kron Lume Gift Outlet, Long Point Winery, Ltd., and Peach Town.

Ledyard is a town in Cayuga County, New York, United States. The name of the town is from General Benjamin Ledyard, an early settler. The Town of Ledyard is on the western edge of the county and is southwest of Auburn, New York. Wells College, founded as a college for women, is in the village of Aurora.

The south part of Ledyard was in the Central New York Military Tract, and the northern part was a reservation designated for the Cayuga tribe. The first settlers arrived around 1789.

The Town of Ledyard was founded in 1823 from part of the Town of Scipio.

Communities and locations in Ledyard include:
Aurora, Barbers Corners, Black Rock, Chapel Corners, Cooneys Corners, Ellis Point, Ledyard, Levanna, Long Point State Park, Prospect Corners, Stony Point, Turney Corners, and Willets.


The picturesque village of Aurora is nestled on the eastern shore of Cayuga Lake, in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
www.auroranewyork.com/ and www.wesleyhardenzone.com/ aurora.htm

Aurora is a village and college town in Cayuga County, in the Town of Ledyard, north of Ithaca, New York, United States.

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1823 - Ledyard was formed from Scipio January 20, 1823, and was named after Benjamin Ledyard, agent and clerk for the apportionment of lands in the Military Tract.
It lies on the east bank of Cayuga Lake southwest of the center of the county. The surface inclines toward the west, its extreme east border being elevated five hundred or six hundred feet above the lake level. Generally the hill slopes are gradual and the streams are small, rapid brooks, the principal one being Paine's Creek which flows through a narrow ravine in the south part. The soil is very fertile, being a sandy, clayey loam.

Title History of Cayuga County, New York
Cornell Library N...

News 1826 - A man named James Bonton, while crossing a bridge in the town of Ledyard, N. Y. a few days since, was instantly killed by being thrown from his horse which had become frightened.
American Advocate
October 14, 1826

1836 - Ledyard
LEDYARD, formerly North Groton, the north part of Groton, was incorporated as a town in 1836. it is about six miles square, bounded N. by Preston, E. by North Stonington and Stonington, S. by Groton and W. by Thames river, separating it from Montville. The central part of the town is 7 1/2 miles from New London, and 7 1/2 from Norwich. It is estimated that the population is about 2,000. The inhabitants are principally farmers. The principal village in the town, is at Gale's ferry, which may cons... Read MORE...

News 1851 - President Fillmore sojourned at his father's residence at Aurora, New York, on Sunday and Monday.
The Sun
Baltimore, Maryland
May 21, 1851

AURORA, a village in Cayuga co., New York, 170 m. W of Albany. Pop. 500.

A Gazetteer of the World: Or, Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge, Volume 1
Publisher A. Fullarton, 1859

Saturday, April 22, 1876 - Aurora Centennial Festival A Brilliant Affair - Large Attendance and Complete Success
The good citizens of the quite village of Aurora have been for some weeks preparing for a Centennial Festival in aid of the State fund, and to assist in repairing the Washington Homestead at Mount Vernon… On either side of the long rooms were arranged refreshment tables, one for each of the old thirteen colonies… Pennsylvania displayed its pennants of pink and gold. Its name of power suitable inscribed - vert and argent - and upon its white curtained drapery, the portrait of a remembered citizen... Read MORE...

1887 - Women on the Board
The Board of Trustees of Wells Female College at Aurora, New York, yesterday voted that women should have representation in the Board, and Miss Helen F. Smith, the late principal, and Mrs. Frances F. Cleveland, an alumnus, were unanimously chosen Trustees.
Reading Times
Reading, Pennsylvania
June 23, 1887

Auburn, N. Y., Aug. 9. - Fire was discovered in the library of the main building of Wells Female College - MRS. GROVER CLEVELAND'S Alma Mater - Aurora, at 1:30 o'clock this morning by PATRICK GRAY, who occupies the lodge on the Wells estate. He immediately gave the alarm and, running to the building, cut off the gasoline connection and with the assistance of others endeavored to stay the flames. The effort was unavailing, however, for the village does not boast a Fire Department, and all the fac... Read MORE...

News Thursday, February 2, 1893 - At Morgan's store, a gold watch is offered to the person guessing nearest the number of beans in a jar, contest to be decided April 1st.
Union Springs Advertiser
Union Springs, New York
Thursday, February 2, 1893

Thursday, Nov, 7, 1895 - A Call At Aurora
Aurora is not content at being "Goddess of the Morning," but, has included the evening, too, by the aid of electric lights. The introduction was celebrated last Saturday evening with a band of music and general rejoicing. The Advertiser understands the enterprise is due to private generosity, N. Lansing Zabriskie being the chief benefactor…The creamery is prospering under the supervision of B. White. Its products are consumed by the fair girls of Wells college, Sage and other institutions…The Ca... Read MORE...

News 1905 - Minister to Korea
Edwin Morgan, the newly appointed minister to Korea, was at the State Department this morning getting his final instructions. He will leave tomorrow to visit his home at Aurora, New York, and expects to sail for Korea on May 3rd.
Alexandria Gazette
Alexandria, Virginia
April 11, 1905

Led yard, a post-township (town and village) of Cayuga 00., N. V., is bounded on the W. by Cayuga Lake and about 16 miles SSW. of Auburn. Pop. in 1900, 1909; of the village, 80.
Lippincott's New Gazetteer: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer Or Geographical Dictionary of the World, Containing the Most Recent and Authentic Information Respecting the Countries, Cities, Towns, Resorts, Islands, Rivers, Mountains, Seas, Lakes, Etc., in Every Portion of the Globe, Part 1 Angelo Heilprin Louis Heilprin - January 1, 1916 J.B. Lippincott - Publisher

Ancestors Who Were Born and/or Died Here

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Ancestors Who Were Married Here

Seneca Wood (1794 - 12 March 1859) & Sophia Adeline Burnham (15 April 1797 - 6 January 1840)
married 1816

Sherman Smith (24 November 1800 - 29 February 1864) & Charlotte Maria Burnham (9 June 1803 - 31 January 1882)
married 22 December 1825

Edwin Barber Morgan (2 May 1806 - 13 October 1881) & Charlotte Fidelia Wood (27 March 1806 - 18 December 1879)
married 27 September 1829

Eleazer Burnham (15 July 1780 - 3 May 1867) & Urania Smith (4 July 1788 - 26 October 1865)
married 23 February 1843

Cornelius Chaffee (24 September 1839 - 13 December 1863) & Sarah Elizabeth Salisbury (9 December 1843 - 8 November 1874)
married 5 March 1860

Lewis Hiram Chaffee (16 April 1861 - 22 April 1937) & Ella C Smith (10 November 1860 - 16 December 1933)
married 17 May 1882

Cemeteries in Ledyard, Cayuga, New York, USA (Aurora)

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I noticed that several members of Bump family died on the same day in 1941 and was wondering if anyone knows what might have happened in Aurora, Cayuga, New York State in that year

1/21/2012 9:51:57 AM -

My family helped establish Aurora from its earliest days having a continuous line of direct descendants there from 1793 to present. I know a great deal of the history of the village and its residents. If I can be of help, please let me know.

By the way, my grandfather was instrumental in saving the Aurora Inn/Wayside Inn that is mentioned in the article above about the fire.

Cindy Avery

5/1/2013 8:58:35 PM -

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